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Baked Potatoes, good or bad?

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I really like Baked Potatoes. They are very filling and satisfying! :)

I've looked them up on CC and it gives them an A rating, which is good. However, I asked my friend about them and they said "Oh, Baked Potatoes aren't so good for you, they have a lot of startch, which is bad". Is this true is startch from the Baked Potatoes "bad"?
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Baked potatoes are a high GI food, but a still filled with great vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.  One baked potato in a day of other low GI carbs is quite fine.  Even books like the New Glycemic Index will tell you that you have to incorporate some higher GI foods for the sake of their nutrients.  I say eat them!
We were recently discussing the "carbs are evil" misconceptions floating out there.  Im on Southbeach and have very much restricted my carbs.  Yes they do have starch which isnt "BAD" as fat isnt "BAD" but something to be careful with not to eat in bulk.

Absolutely eat one if you like.  Saintlymama nailed it - balance and a potato is natural way to be part of that.
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No, they aren't AT ALL. While they do have startches, they are all-natural and chock-full of potassium, fiber, and tons of other vitamins and minerals. Plus, they're a vegetable so they're obviously going to be fat-free as well.

If you wanted to look for even more nutritious ways to have "baked potatoes" you could try baking a sweet potato or a red potato, since they actually contain slightly more nutrients and less startches.

#2 liosa (Edit) Oct 09 2007 19:35 me and my nutritionist were just talking today, and baked potatos came up. she said "i dont know why people assume baked potatos are bad for you!" so there you go, straight from a nutritionist lol.
Yeah, I think it's what most people generally tend to ADD to a baked potato (or mashed or any other way for that matter) that make them "bad."  Example:  Several hundred calories of butter, cheese, bacon, sour cream, etc.  I have to say I was guilty of this forever.  I could not and did not have a baked potato without at least 2 to 3 tablespoons of real butter, a few tablespoons of full-fat sharp cheddar, some real bacon, and generally a good dollop of sour cream, too.  I have changed my ways.  LOL.  Now, I can honestly say I enjoy a baked potato just as much with a Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge, a sprinkle of reduced-fat cheddar (which I can also do with omitting altogether), and some chopped green onions.  It's delicious and good for you and health-wise beats the snot out of the old way of doing things!  French onion Laughing Cow Light (35 cals) is particularly good with a good sprinkling of chopped green onions, green and white parts, on top!  One wedge is plenty for a medium-sized potato.  Just like most things, it's all about choice and change.  You can get used to almost anything.  When the new way is also delicious and you don't miss anything, well, hey, even better!
Are sweet potatos/yams any better than white?
I wouldn't really say it's an issue of better, because they are quite different. One is a potato and the other is almost more similar to a starchy squash. Sweet potatoes and yams may have fewer calories and higher nutrient values, especially with carotinoids.
The funny thing about all those toppings....

I remember thinking how the restaurants figured out they could stop throwing out and start selling for money the potato skins if they fried them and loaded them with the "best part of the potato" toppings. 

I used to think they originally did the same thing with chicken wings since they have such little meat but when flavored, they could be a specialty item.
I have absolutely no credentials to be saying this, but here's what my gut instinct tells me about food:  how can any food that is eaten as it comes out of the ground/off the tree, etc., with nothing added be "bad" for you when eaten in moderation?

I can buy the argument that a baked potato doesn't count as a "real" vegetable if one is trying to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables each day.  But labeling a baked potato "bad" seems harsh to me.

Eating the potato skin adds lots of nutrients, so don't forget to eat that part.

I love baked potatoes! I eat them with a little salt and pepper, tiny bit of low fat butter and a half cup of fat free cottage cheese, and I am in love! I have even eaten if for breakfast! They are filling and good for you, as long as you don't load them down with crap that is bad for you!
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Are sweet potatos/yams any better than white?

 Yes, although in terms of calories they're almost the same.

Sweet potatoes have more fiber and Vitamin A, and take longer for your body to digest.

baked potatoes are good for you if it is just that....when you load it wil butter, cheese ad sour cream, it becomes not so good.


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