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am i missing something or are baked lays (bbq) not on this site....
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that's possible. Everything cannot be there. You can sedna request to add them and you can add them yourself in your food log (and tag them)

speaking of baked lays....

has anyone else seen those LIGHT lays?  they have fewer calories than the baked lays, and less fat I think...which seems kind of impossible

but they have this weird ingredient, i forget what it is, and its got me a little suspicious....
all of these have too much sodium. I had a small bag a few weeks ago,
for the first time in forever, and the scale did ot forgive me the day
isn't sodium ridiculous.. sodium alone makes me want to quit and binge!
sodium is evil - agreed

i ate canned soup for like a week straight once for lunch....oh dear the scale hated me for a while
obviously. i know its possible they arent but i could have sworn i've logged them before... hrm.
They do have the Mesquite BBQ baked lays on here somewhere....

As for that "mysterious" ingredient, it is Olestra, and it causes (I SWEAR!) "anal leakage".

Not good guys.....not good.
that EXACTLY what I heard nicole!! I didn't want to believe it haha

good thing I don't really like chips...I had just noticed that when a coworker was eating them
anal leakage.... yikes!
it also causes really really bad gas. BOOO.
hey guys, guess what I'm never eating

all the temptation to try them is gone now haha
oh yes, and to be a tad more helpful the item you are looking for is here: 633.html

I find it quickest under Frito-Lay. I think the easiest way to find some things around here is just to look up the producer of the food ;-)
Anal leakage is BAD.
lmao... i'm of the general opinion that any kind of leakage is bad... but especially anal!!!! 
I have had both the light and baked and have had no problems with "anal leakage". Maybe if you eat the whole bag, but there is supposed to be portion control no matter what foods you eat.
I too have ate them..and no anal leakage for me! 
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