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are bagels bad?

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Are bagels really as bad for you as people say? I like them and I know a trick where you cut fat ones to  get rid of some of the bread inside that causes extra calories. and I do know that most colories come from what you put on top (butter, cream cheese, jelly) but just a often and how big and how BAD!!:)

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I think that if you really like something and can fit it in to your calorie allowance, you should go for it. (Unless it's maybe a stick of butter, fried and then covered with sugar) My fiance often has bagels because it fits in to his daily allowance and he loves them.

Who told you that bagels are bad?  Please don't believe everything (or anything) people tell you.

Bagels may be "bad" if you are sensitive to gluten, because this is what gives them their chewy texture.

A big bagel will probably set you back about 300 calories, you can get smaller ones for less, or even the mini kind for about 75-100 cals a pop.

Even a big one at 300 cals can make a good breakfast if you put an eggwhite omelete on it with a little tobasco and make a healthy breakfast sandwich for only about 350 cals total that will keep you satisfied for a while.

Again, please don't just believe everything someone throws out at you. 

i personally am a HUGE fan of bagels. they're not that bad for you. sara lee heart healthy (or something like that) ww bagels have 220 calories. with a tbsp of tofutti better n' cream cheese stuck in the middle that's 250 calories for a big filling bagel.

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haha i love bagels.. there not necessarily bad but not the greatest food since there soo calorie dense.. 1 bagel is like almost 300 calories.. but yeah if you think about that 1 bagel is equal to about 5 slices of bread.. its true there are smaller ones that are around 100 calories, its just be honest with yourself, do you really think 1 bite size bagel is gonna do the trick? chances are your gonna eat more than 1..

I love bagels too. I can't do the big ones because I put Peanut Butter on mine. The big bagel with the PB just does not fit into my calorie budget.

I have learned compromise when it comes to bagels. Weight Watchers bagels have 150 calories and THEY ARE BIG, AIRY AND YUMMO. Mini Thomas whole wheat have 120 calories in them. Both bagels have a decent amount of fiber and protein as well.

 i play a lot of sports, and im currently doing track. the coaches are absolute health nuts and they eat a big bagel every morning for breakfast. bagels are greatt for carbohydrates and energy so i dont know who told you they were bad.... :P
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I think they are lovely and more filling than cereal. If I have a bagel for breakfast, I usually don't need something to sustain me until lunch.
Yes and no. They are good if you are fitting them into your calorie intake. The problem is they are filled with sodium. I work in a bakery and was eating a bagel and cream cheese for my midmorning snack b/c anything else would leave me hungry. I started watching my sodium and that bagel and cream cheese ended up being 40% the recommended sodium intake. If you are watching sodium or have blood pressure issues or could develop some b/c of your family I would only eat a bagel once or twice a week and just eat small, frequent meals that are low in sodium. I usually eat a bowl of frosted mini wheats for breakfast and its like 290 cals with 1% milk. Its low in sodium and has a good amount of fiber to keep you full. You could do that and then eat the bagel for lunch.
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it depends on the bagel!  the ones we get here in new york are massive, and the bagel itself can run between 400-500 calories.  that's definitely more than i can afford every day, but with a nice protein filling, it can make a great lunch occassionally.  i think this may be the highest calorie bagel you can find, so most packaged ones will be a lot more reasonable.  just determine whether this fits into your cal count!

Western Alternative Bagels have 110 calories for a normal-sized bagel.

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I indulge in a super big bagel with cream cheese and lox when I go to visit my kids grandparents in New Jersey. Otherwise, regular grocery store bagels don't do too much for me. Occasionally I will have one of the mini wheat bagels I buy for my kids - with cream cheese and olives they are pretty yummy. I don't think bagels are bad for you at all, just fit them into your calories for the day and enjoy every bite.

I love bagels... esp. Panera Bread plain bagels w/laughing cow cheese. Store bought bagels do not do much for me either.

The only thing about bagels is that I'm hungry again in another hour or so. I always feel much fuller when eating cearal + fruit with the same amount of calories. Bagels also make me feel sluggish after a sugar crash or something. But bagels are not that bad protein wise... so by all means go for them if you can!
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I love bagels too! and here's a great way to cut the fat in half! Cut the bagel in half! I read it on some magazines and i think its a great idea. That way your can still eat your favorite bagels!

my roomate just got a package full of like 20 new york bagels from her parents in the city. we're  both from downstate NY and always talk about how bagels (and other things lol) are not "real" unless they are new yorkers. id rather eat half of a good bagel once in a while then the packaged lower calorie type all the time.

If they fit into your daily allowance then there's nothing bad about them. Enjoy!

I'm addicted to bagels...Never giving those up

i had my half of an everything yesterday =].

How did food some how get divided up into "good" and "bad"?  There is no such thing as bad food, just bad diets.  Weigh your food, count your calories, keep track of your macro nutrients to insure a balanced diet, and eat what you like.

Original Post by trhawley:

How did food some how get divided up into "good" and "bad"?  There is no such thing as bad food, just bad diets.  Weigh your food, count your calories, keep track of your macro nutrients to insure a balanced diet, and eat what you like.

made worse by "clean eating" junk


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