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On a bag of frozen fish, it says "do not refreeze once thawed"... so what would happen if I refroze it?

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I believe you could get food poisoning.  For the most part, once thawed, it needs to be cooked before you can refreeze it.  HTH!

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It's the same thing for any meats really...I have always been told that they are at a higher risk for bacteria and spoilage.  I would definitely try to not refreeze fish, but if you have and now your going to eat it...thaw it out, check out the colour and smell and stuff and it may be just fine.  Make sure you cook it well-done if that's the case.  If you've cooked the fish and now want to freeze it, you should be fine as long as the dish hasn't gone bad or anything.

I don't think you'll die, I wouldn't recommend doing it on purpose though. 

same goes for poultry, and probably beef but I don't know because I don't eat it....thawing and refreezing makes the meat susceptable to the growth of bacteria.  So yea, food poisoning

I've actually heard that it's different for fish.  They grow specific things that even when cooked can still effect a person.  But beef can be refrozen.

I would not refreeze it but toss it or cook it.

I didn't refreeze anything yet, but i was about to. Thanks so much for explaining... i guess it'll be fish then, for the next week or so :/

The fish will EXPLODE!!!!!! Laughing

it also depends on how the fish was thawed (concerning  the food poisening), but the quality of the fish will not be very good (actually can be pretty gross). Ive refrozen chicken and beef, but fish just isnt worth eating after being refrozen. If it is partially thawed (still has ice crystals) it might be ok to refreeze, but ive never refrozen from that point. I would just throw it out.

And if it is previously frozen fromthe store (where they thaw it before selling) they almost always have more in the back still frozen, i dont buy the prethawed unless i am eating it that day.

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Haha...Hannah...I think you're right.

"what would happen if I refroze it"

You'd create one of the most perfect breeding ground for bacteria for the next time it's thawed - because the structure of the food (and as noted above, therefore the taste) will be so broken down, twice, by ice crystals. And the fish may explode.

ps: also, when food is frozen on an industrial site, it is probably much better done (quicker i suppose) than in any consumer grade equipment.

Yuk!  That's what - I just wouldn't deal with frozen fish at all, much less "twice frozen" fish.

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