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So, last night I went to make myself a bowl of cereal for dinner (which I was super excited for, btw) only to find that my soy milk, which I had bought less than a week ago was all chunky! Yuck!

But the expiration date wasn't until the end of July and, like I said, I hadn't had it that long, and honestly, I never knew that soy milk could go bad like that.

After it's opened, how long does it usually stay good for? I once had a carton that I used for upwards of two months (maybe more) because it was huge and never seemed to go bad...

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I think most cartons say use within 7 days of opening. But I have had cartons open for several weeks before.

It might not have been bad (did you do the sniff test?).  Often, if you don't shake the box often, the stuff separates.  That was the deal breaker with my son after drinking soy milk for years.  I always shake the box, but he didn't and got "stuff". 

yeah, the carton was all bloated and heavy and sour smelling :( add that to the chunks and... yuck. and yes, i always shake it out of habit.

I throw it away after 7 days open, but usually my husband and I drink it all in two or three days.  Food safety is so important. It is better to throw away than get sick.  The best is to just buy the right amount with the right date, maybe a smaller size with later expiration date?

sk, i have also kept soy milk for way longer than 7 days and it was still good. I am sorry to hear about your bad soy milk experience. I do love me some soy milk

:( maybe i just got a bad carton.

i bought some more today, so hopefully i'll have better luck with this one! and unfortunately, i'm the only one drinking it in my apartment so there's no one to share with and no size smaller than what i've been buying. this new one doesn't expire until august, so... fingers crossed.

I worked in a store and one of my jobs was getting rid of out of date products.  Bit of advice, if the package is blown (swelled up like a balloon) just get rid of it.  That is a sure way of knowing that the product is bad.

Usually I buy 8th Continent light vanilla soymilk and it lasts me atleast 2 weeks without going bad....hmmm maybe you did buy a bad carton :(

"you can't milk a bean" says my fiance, but I LOVE soy milk!  (He is coming around) but i had the last in the chocolate carton that I don't use as much go bad... The vanilla doesn't stay around long enough to go bad.. ha ha

I use Silk, and that stuff stays around like army rations.  Think you probably just had a tainted batch.  Don't give up on it.

I always wondered why we drink cows milk.  I'm no veggieveganarian or whoever it is that shuns cows milk like a redheaded dwarf, but doesn't it seem a little quirky?  I mean, we're people right?  Seriously doubt we'll see any job postings for hourly female employees at the people dairy anytime soon.  But nutritionally that would make more sense.

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