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we all know that there are "bad carbs" (ie: refined sources such as white sugar, white flour, white rice, high-fructose corn syrup, glucose.. etc) they contain no nutritional value, and are all high GI; spiking your blood sugar and dropping it soon after (rollercoaster effect) causing you to want to eat more sugary carbs... this release of insulin in the blood can emphasize fat strorage and thus weight gain

--good carbs cause a slow-steady release of energy and do not spike blood glucose as quickly.. these are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The more fiber the better.

we know about the "bad fats" (ie: saturated and trans fats) saturated are to be limited (they are found in meat, nuts, and dairy so it's best to get lean cuts or low fat versions) and trans fats should be avoided all together.. they are a man made by-product 'lipid' typically found in packaged/processed foods to prolong shelf life (these foods should be avoided as well)

--good fats are the mono- and poly- unsaturated kind, as well as the omegas. These fats are important for proper body function, and are beneficial to overall health, skin and hair... studies show that these fats prolong satiety (feeling of fullness) because they slow digestion, and can help fat/weight loss "eat fat to burn fat"

But what about protein??

I have yet to here someone talk about proteins that should be avoided or limited... do they exist?

some proteins are complete (like animal source proteins) they contain all 9 essesntial amino acids, while others are incomplete (plant proteins) which don't contain all essential amino acids...

but neither one is "bad"

--it's just that if you are a vegetarian you need to get your proteins from multiple sources to ensure that you have a balance of all 9 essential amino acids


or am I missing something? are there such proteins that should be avoided/limited?

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Original Post by clairelaine:

The only "bad" proteins, in my opinion, are the ones that are unavoidably combined with saturated fats - bacon, well marbled beef, etc.  If the protein part of the food could be isolated, it would be fine, but you have to eat the fat along with the protein because there is no way to separate it out.

In that case, the worst protein you could eat would be wagyo/kobe beef... whaaaat? Well marbled beef is 100x better than poorly marbled beef. Hence why it sells at 100x the price. I'd vote it one of the best proteins, so long as you don't overdo it (but that goes for everything really).

Original Post by ily51:

My two cents: any overly processed protein might be harmful in excess, such as fake soy meats and such things. Maybe also protein powder? Not because of what is stripped, like in the case of simple carbs, but because of what is added. (just to note, I consume both of these, so please refrain for bonking me in the head over what I said)

Also, not sure where the cholesterol resides - is it in the fat or protein part of meat/eggs/dairy? Because if found in protein, that might make it "bad" by certain standards too.

I agree that these proteins are probably the least beneficial. Processed meats like salami, cheap sausages/frankfurters, luncheon meat, processed meat/soy burger patties, preservative and salt-laden beef jerky, cured meats and a lot of protein powders all seem like they could contain a lot of additives - personally I think the closer you eat to nature, the healthier you're likely to be.

In my opinion the proteins that should be avoided are the grain-fed red meats like cows, lambs, etc... instead people should make sure they look for grass-fed and grass-finished red meats which are starting to get a bit more popular - you can find these meats at whole foods even!

Another protein that I think should be avoided is pork/pig because it just seems super dirty - I mean they eat SLOP which is pretty much anything... although some farmers are now starting to "grass-feed" them as well... but I still cannot get myself to touch the stuff!

Deli proteins like balonge, etc should also be avoided because they have all these yucky additives! haha! yes, yucky!

Original Post by chiefsfan4life:

Soy protein in excess can be bad - it has been shown to raise estrogen levels


Oh ya and any deli meat out of a package especially ones that claim 98% fat free like turkey slices or whatever bad, bad, bad & I personally believe they cause cancer... especially in children & the unborn fetus, but really everyone.


Original Post by giasbash6260:

Another protein that I think should be avoided is pork/pig because it just seems super dirty - I mean they eat SLOP which is pretty much anything... although some farmers are now starting to "grass-feed" them as well... but I still cannot get myself to touch the stuff!

Why would you grass-feed a naturally omnivorous animal? Seems like it would have to be supplemented with some sort of protein.

Do you eat wild fish? Wild animals? You'll never know exactly what they've been munching on, but they tend to taste better than farmed.

Original Post by clairelaine:

Original Post by white_sakura:

I don't know if you've heard of amino acid completeness, but some foods have more completeness of different types of amino acids than others.  So I guess the completeness level might characterize some proteins as "bad"..

 Get a book from the library - Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe - it explains how complete protein can be obtained from vegetable/grain sources.  It's an interesting concept.  You can get all the protein you need by combining different kinds of foods, and it doesn't have to be all at the same meal.

I know that, but the OP asked about one certain food, so I was just pointing out a single food's protein analysis.

And sorry about missing that part of your post, carmenxox Embarassed  Guess I got excited about sharing my opinion.

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What a fantastically worded and thought provoking question carmenxox!

Based on how poor the responses are, I think maybe the answer is "not really". 

The only answer I can think of is that I believe there is a higher rates of cancer from animal protien.

yeah everyone seems to be repeating that the bad kinds of protein are the ones that contain saturated/trans fats or additives/chemicals... but not the actual protein itself

that's all fine and dandy, but if these fats or addivtives didn't exist in that meat or product then the protein itself wouldn't be "bad"

I was looking more along the lines of separating different kinds of proteins

for instance Casein is a slow digesting protein found in dairy, it is a good protein to eat at night since it will stay with you longer so that you're not waking up hungry or snacking at night

Whey protein is typically easily digested and quickly utilized, which is why it is commonly used in protein shakes to replenish muscles fast after a workout

Soy is one of those proteins which has many people suspicious... some say it's good, some say it's bad. Although most say that IN EXCESS it is bad. BUT isn't almost everything in excess bad?

Plant proteins are usually incomplete (ie dont contain all essential amino acids) but that only makes them 'bad' if you limit yourself to only certain sources and you don't get a balance of all 9 essential amino acids

I like the answer of avoiding deli meats, artificial meats, and hormone/steroid injected meats because of all the unnessary additives and chemicals... but I guess that's the same as avoiding genetically modifidied fruits/vegetables

I wish people would stop playing with our food


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