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How bad is pizza?

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Today I was at a meeting and they had Domino's pizza out - I took two medium sized slices of cheese pizza for dinner.

I felt pretty terrible about it, because I've always heard that pizza is really fattening, and intuitively it seems like it would be. But I looked up cheese pizza on CC and it says one hand-tossed pizza slice is 160 calories, and the sauce is 45 calories? Is that correct, or am I just looking up the wrong things?

Besides the pizza, today I have had a yogurt-granola-strawberry parfait and a low-carb wrap with hummus and raw vegetables. I shouldn't be freaking out about the pizza, right?

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two slices of domino's cheese pizza is 460 calories. don't freak out, everything in moderation works for many people. you should eat more today, it looks like you are still under 1000 calories

I wouldn't refer to caloriecounts nutrition data on Dominos, probably best off if you look at Domino's nutrition.

It all depends on how big the slices of pizza were, usually a normal size sliced pizza ranges around 230 or so. But yeah, pizzas do tend to be really fattening but it's fine once in awhile. Don't beat yourself up over it, what's done is done.

You are doing good so far today, yep! And nope, do. not. freak. out.! :) Continue to stay on track like you are now, and you will do great.

Thank you so much guys... I feel a lot better now. I'll try to eat more (healthy stuff!) for the rest of the evening.

I just celebrated reaching/surpassing my goal weight (180lbs) by going out for pizza tonight. I ate copious amounts of pesto vegetarian pizza...and I liked it...Cool

First pizza I've had in over 6 months. But seriously, we've all got to "cut loose" every now and then, don't we? If we don't, we're more susceptible to failure, yeah? At least that's how I see it. Enjoy your pizza pebble!Smile

Pizza in and of itself is not "bad." There's rarely any "bad" ingredients that go into making a pizza. Its just that it tends to be a lot of calories (and usually tons of fat, more than usually needed) at once. Thinner crusts, not-totally smothered with cheese, and not covered in greasy meat, are some ways to cut down on a lot of the excess calories.

i don't think you should worry too much.

although yesterday i had a very thing 6 inch veggie pizza with little cheese and i felt super guilty about it... i logged it as 470 calories which was probably overestimated a little.. oh well, better than underestimating!

but yeah... i don't think it's a big deal! if you are still under your calories for the day it doesn't matter:)

ya i dont think pizza is bad either its just when it is soooo covered with cheese, i mean pizza can be unhealthy but its really when you put all that crazy stuff on it,  when we get crazy pizza cravings i make pita pizzas pita, spag sause,  little mozz cheese and goat cheese, oregano , olives, and what ever else and with a huge salad  and i dont get the raving,  its just hard cause so many people love to "go out for pizza."  but heh i worked at a pizza place for years! so i guess i should be lucky for it it paid for lots of my life! but i did not eat what those people would order! it is amazing how much pizza some people can put away.... i mean if your waitress has a hard time carrying it as in it weighs several pounds....that is not a pizza it is ok to eat in one sitting, unless there are 10 of you!

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So as to not binge in the Chicago area where pizza is a basic staple, I keep a stock of cooked pizza slices in the freezer.  Thin crust, cheese topping, about 10" diameter, and I count a 1/8 slice as 140 calories.  I eat two slices for lunch once a week.

It's like a pizza inoculation.

Anyone ever try these?  Fat free pizzas....low calorie too!

I am very tempted...

Pizza isn't bad at all!  I could make my own, with a thin whole-grain crust, fat-free or low-fat cheese, and veggies.  Lightlife (availiable in many produce departments, or a health food store) has meatless pepperoni that's, I think, fat free and, like, 80 calories!  And there are other vegetarian things like sausage crumbles and bacon (even Canadian.)  Pizza is actually very nutritionally-balanced.

Pizza is like most things... a little bit now and then will not hurt you, just don't go hog wild every day.  If you think about it, you're getting cheese (dairy), crust (grain), sauce (vegetable), and whatever topping you put on it.  Fairly balanced overall.  The toppings to watch out for are pepperoni and sausage... they tend to be really high in fat, therefore calories.  I personally have a bit of pizza now and then, I usually order either ham or canadian bacon with mushrooms, and a slice of medium comes out to around 230 calories.  From there just depends on how much you eat of it and how often.  Like everything, it's all about moderation.  Even spinach has calories, so technically you could gain weight on nothing but spinach!  I don't think even Popeye could eat that much spinach, but you see the point I hope. :)

you can also make pizza lower-cal by making it yourself, when I make my own I will literally make a HUGE (as in I could easily have half and it would be a decent meal) pizza for about 600cals, I have an incredibly thin base (you can make it way thinner than take-out-thin-crust yourself) with concentrated tomato puree (14cal per tbsp), some vegetables (and sometimes a little bit of feta cheese/pine nuts), herbs and a very light sprinkle of reduced fat cheese

I usually make pizza myself cos Im quite intolerant to a lot of high fat and high oil foods so this way it's a lot lighter

i make my own mini pizza snacks when i get the craving.

i use half of one of those 100 cal sandwich rolls, then put mozzerella and garlic and marinara on it. adding fresh tomatoes or fresh basil or extra crushed red pepper cuz i like things spicy.

i can count exactly how many calories i'm eating and make my decisions accordingly! and it only takes a few minutes in the oven for a melty delicious treat.

i really like pizza but sometimes resurants have too much calories, but once in a while is deffinatly okay!


at home sometimes i just take a pita bread, put a little pizza sauce/pasta sauce on it and a few pepperoni and its less than 200 cals.. but im weird and actually like it like that with no cheese. lol

Just a little tip for when you make your home made pizza.  If you do like some kind of meat on it, the Hormel turkey pepperoni is so good and you can use 17 slices for 2 Weight Watcher points.  I make some pizza's smaller or use a 5-6 inch tortilla and use only 8 slices and then bake them for 7 minutes in my 101 Xpress or Redi-Set-Go appliance.  Tooday I am going to try making a small cold vegetable pizza with broccoli, cauliflower, shaved carrots and a low fat cucumber spread I made.  Jutzee

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Love yourself,  eat when you are hungary and make good choices. Two slices of pizza should not send you inKissto a tailspin.  

Certainly do not beat yourself up over this. Pizza is not that bad when you break it down by ingredients, it has most of your foods from the food pyramid, right :-). wheat/grain, vegi, meat. mostly it's the cheese and the fat, but even cheese is not all evil, it is a good source of calcium.

You only ate two slices, so you showed good self control, and hey that's a worthwile exercise in itself!

I like to make mini pizzas using those orowheat sandwich thins - put a thin slice of tomato, a little oregano, a little cheese, and even a couple pepporoni when i'm feeling crazy... very tasty, and low cal/fat.

Pizza is not that bad itself (depends on the toppings, particularly the cheese) the bad thing is the portion size, pizzas are so darn huge and in the original recipe pizza is not supposed to be oozing fat when hot. The recipe has been modified a lot to benefit the various fast food joints, if it wouldn't be filling and cheap the popularity would go down. Same thing happened with the shaworma (hope I spelled that right :) ), nowadays fast food places use mayo instead of yogurt and that sets the cal count way to high for it to be healthy.

I find that MOST pizza just plain does not digest well in my body.  All that fat and no fiber, for me it is not even food.  It befuddles me how many people actually request it. 

Original Post by trudyburch:

I find that MOST pizza just plain does not digest well in my body.  All that fat and no fiber, for me it is not even food.  It befuddles me how many people actually request it. 

It's not pizza's fault that you don't have a good recipe.

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