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How bad is diet pepsi REALLY?

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As a moderator (between healthy and horridly junk food) i normally drink diet pepsi to curb any cravings. However for a while now i've been getting mixed messages on the ACTUAL pros/cons of the soda. Does anyone have the facts? My boyfriend says he read an article which dictates that diet pepsi actually has sugar?! Is this true?
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Ask a diabetic.

I've never had a diet soda which contained anything other than artificial sweetener, which does not (at least in the majority of the population) cause an insulin spike like sugar does.

I hear about diet soda containing sugar all the time but no one can point me to a clear-cut and well-cited article on the subject.

HEre are things I googled for you.. I did research onthis for myself... DONT DRINK IT.. I DIDNT LOSE CRAP WHEN I DID!!!

Diet Soda and Obesity: Is There a Link? Research undertaken by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio appears to show a link between consumption of diet soda and weight gain.
The study of more than 600 normal-weight people found, eight years later, that they were 65 percent more likely to be overweight if they drank one diet soda a day than if they drank none. And if they drank two or more diet sodas a day, they were even more likely to become overweight or obese.
To the astonishment of many, it seems that those who drank diet soda had a greater chance of becoming overweight than did those who drank regular, full-calorie soda.

I have more but must go go clock out, Ill send more tomorrow! SN2339241420070723

I found this link for you.

I've actually heard that diet sodas INCREASE your appetite moreso than regular sodas AND, the artificial sweeteners in there (are chemically altered) are WORSE for you than regular sugar is.

Personally - I avoid sodas on a daily basis and if I'm going to splurg on soda, I'll have the real thing (reg Mt Dew as opposed to diet). 

If I must add sugar to something like my coffee, I add very little or reach for another natural sweetener - Stevia. :)

When I was losing weight before, I drank like a 2 liter bottle a day if not more.  It does increase cravings and hunger though.  Stevia is amazing, just not very popular because it would put the sugar industry out of business.
Lots of people are going to become overweight in this country whether they drink diet soda or not. The normal weight people may have notice weight gain and decided to start drinking diet, but not adress unhealthy eating habits. Others might have used the calories 'saved' by drinking diet to indulge in other fattening foods. They may have been drinking diet all their life but still eating unhealthily (IE, diabetic in the family, that's just the soda that was availiable at the time).

The article also states that some participants were overweight, the study simply excluded already obese people (30> BMI)
Sachari - you make a good point.

For instance, my boss, a diabetic, eats 2 cheese burgers WITH a LARGE diet soda at lunch on some days because it's in his "carb range".  I guess diabetics count carbs rather than calories.  I still feel like he would lose more weight if he counted BOTH and ate HEALTHIER carbs rather than just junking out. :)

But I'm not his mother or wife or relative of any sort so I am not about to lecture him about this.
I personally think, from my own experience, that drinking one can of diet pepsi won't do that much harm. The harm comes when you drink it and give yourself permission to eat unhealthy foods because of all the calories you've saved.

I've lost weight drinking a can of diet pepsi, as well as drinking plenty of tea with Equal, and I still lost weight.

Just continue to eat healthy, and there shouldn't be a problem.
I took several health & nutrition courses recently in an attempt to further educate myself about this very issue - here's the lowdown on what I learned:

1) Soda (diet or regular) is horrible for you.  It has no nutritional value and all the calories are sugar.  The diet versions are equally bad because they trick your body into thinking it has sugar, your body releases insulin, but there is no sugar there.  So then you have insulin (which is like a fat storing facilitator) floating around in your body with no sugar for it to work on so ANYTHING you eat gets immediately stored as fat.

2) Soda has caffeine.  Other than increased heart rate and a peak in energy, caffeine seems ok.  EXCEPT, there is an element in caffeine that prevents your cells from killing themselves.  When a cell is infected with a disease or even a cold, it will try to self destruct and then it sends out signals to the cells that touch it to put up barriers of protect.  Caffeine prevents this process from working properly.

Sorry if this is over simplified or preachy but it's really not good for you.
I drink them all the time. they do not make you hungrier,(sp?) and because i am living with a diabetic, that is all the pepsi we have! the crap they have online is just that, CRAP!
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I have read a wide array of theories regarding this. They include:

The MIT researchers, a husband and wife team named Wurton, who appear to have pioneered the link between carbs and serotonin believed that aspartame interfered with serotonin production.  However they said this about 20 years ago, then it appears their concerns got snuffed out... not sure what happened. Other researchers said the same thing at the time, I have read it in a book published in the mid 90s. If this is true (and who knows, could be hysteria) then aspartame would lower serotonin, which in turn would make you want to carb binge to replenish serotonin.

In a Purdue University study, rats were fed artificial sweeteners, once taken off and put on a regular diet again, the rats ate more than rats who had never had artificial sweeteners.  Scientists theorized that somehow artificial sweetener disrupted the rat's natural inner mechanisn governing feelings of satiety. When we instinctively understand that sweet foods are fattening we limit them, but with artificial sweeteners, this confuses us.

Another theory is that artificial sweeteners raise insulin levels. Insulin levels get raised as a reflexive response in anticipation of a simple carb. ... like how Pavlov's dogs started to salivate when a dinner bell got rung.  If this is true, people would experience an insulin crash just the same.??? Something like that, then they would again crave simple carbs.

Another more practical theory is that with artificial sweeteners, we really don't break the habit for sweet things. Sort of like how small children don't learn to like vegetables, if they always have a sweet or salty option. Obesity specialists would like to see us break our habit for sweet foods, even if they are artificial sweeteners.

With a lot of these studies and theories, you have to ask yourself if it is consistant with your experience.  In my case, it is.  I've known for more than a decade that for some reason I do better if I limit artificial sweeteners (actually wrote down this thought back then). I had no clue about this theory... I just thought somehow diet soda and gum enabled me to keep my mouth constanly busy, and  so I never broke the habit of wanting to eat constantly.

I do not use artificial sweetener's on a regular basis... maybe a can of soda every week.  However, if I was having trouble managing food, or generally feeling moody, I would not have any. ... just to be on the safe side.

There is no sugar in diet Pepsi. I drink other diet sodas every day (I'm not a Pepsi fan), with and without caffeine and have been successful losing weight. I don't notice that they make me feel hungry. I'm not buying the claims that they make you gain weight. Sounds to me like it's a chicken vs. egg thing. People drink diet drinks because they know they need to lose weight so it's not surprising to me that studies find that people who drink diet sodas are more likely to be obese. Go figure!
wow! thanks for everyone who posted, it really opened my eyes. I'm slowly starting to take myself off it, as theres always some part of me that knows nothing is too good (no calories) too be true and must have some adverse effect they don't tell us.

Thanks a million!
I just looked at your pics, and am inspired by your progress! About the diet soda thing, no they DON'T have sugar, and THAT is the problem! Aspartame has long been known as an appetite ENHANCER; that's part of why those who drink diet drinks just get heavier over time. Not sure about the Splenda junk. I may not eat quite as much food as another person on the same number of calories who eats artificial sweeteners (Nutrasweet, aspartame, splenda, etc), but I just started a week ago, have lost 3.5 pounds, and am doing OK without it. Read up about Aspartame... scary stuff over time. I am not diabetic, although it runs in my family, so I just limit my sugar and stay away from the artificials.  
I made lots of research over artificial sweeteners. And what I found is pretty scary. Here's a link: m. The web site that's helping me the most staying healthy is, and the guy on this web site even wrote a book on artificial sweeteners. You can get tremendous advices there for becoming/staying healthy and lose weight.

Best Regards


Everything has the potential to be bad for you.  What's good for you today will be bad for you tomorrow and vice versa.  The key is everything in moderation.
Modified or artificial stuff like aspartame, splenda, high-fructose corn syrup, monosodic glutamate and trans fat should never be eaten, period. They are all harmful no matter the quantity you ingest.

If you want to be healthy, eat nothing that your great grand parents wouldn't be able to make themselves. We didn't evolve to be able to eat all the crap that is sold now and stay healty.

Losing weight is good, but doing it while staying or becoming healthy is even more important.
Artifical sweeteners, when processed by the liver turns into Formaldahyde. That is the stuff they use to preserve dead bodies. I don't want that in my body thank you very much.
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