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how many baby carrots equal 3 oz?

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On the back of my bag of baby carrots it says 3 oz is a serving. But it doesn't say how many actual carrots that equals. I don't have a scale (maybe I should get one...)...does anyone know how many baby carrots equal 3 oz?

Thank you!! 

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about  9 medium baby carrots is 3oz
really? On the back of the bag it said there were about 5 servings in the bag and I counted it out and it was more like 20!! of course, I'm not very good at judging weight, so you're probably right...I need to buy a scale.
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I weighed them on my scale and it weighed out 8 carrots at 3oz.  On the back of my baby carrots the bag says 3oz or 9.  I have a 2 lb bag of Green Giant baby carrots

You can count by the carrot if you want; that's what I do.  At least, the entry that I use lets you count by the carrot (choose medium or large).  Most of my self-chosen servings are about 20 medium carrots.

I eat a lot of baby carrots and it is very annoying that they only give ounces instead of number of carrots.  I've noticed that it's about 1/2 cup or 1 small handful.

Hope that helps -- fortunately, if one goes a little over on carrots, it's not a big issue Laughing

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to the USDAs Fact Sheet on baby carrots, 6 baby carrots, or ½ cup contains 25
calories. That same size serving contains zero fat or cholesterol and 2 g or 6
percent of your daily recommendation for fiber.

Read more: many-calories-is-a-serving-of-baby-carrots/#i xzz1ypHp3eb9

hey! I just googled this question to enter it into my calorie count and google search brought me back to this site!! how cool!:) Thanks everyone!

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