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Avocado??? what kind of fat is it?

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i know it is a very specific question and i really hope that someone will answer it.

I need to eat fatty foods that don't require bile for digestion because of some gall bladder problems. Since I love avocados, I just need to know if i should continue eating it?? I tried to search online and it was difficult to find this info.
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 where as I'd say its primarily monounsaturated fat

According to the Mayoclinic:

Monounsaturated fat remains liquid at room temperature but may start to solidify in the refrigerator. Foods high in monounsaturated fat include olive, peanut and canola oils. Avocados and most nuts also have high amounts of monounsaturated fat.

Just as enzyme said...
I just listened to a podcast on heart-healthy foods and the avacado was one that made the list. The reason - monounsaturated fat...
(DELICIOUS!) Monounstaturated fat

What you are looking for is medium chain triglycerides, which require neither bile salts or pancreatic enzymes to absorb them.  MCT's are primarily found in some tropical oils, like palm and coconut.  I am not clear, however, that the consumption of MCT's will not stimulate your gall bladder anyway.  You need to speak to your doctor, because a "gall bladder problem" generally means that you need your gall bladder removed.  When you eat fat, an enzyme (CCK) is released that stimulates your gall bladder to contract and empty stored bile into your digestive tract, to help emulsify and absorb the fat.  If it hurts when you eat large amounts of fat at one sitting, sometimes trying smaller amounts dispersed evenly throughout the day can help.  But, in general, you shouldn't have pain when you eat.  If there is some other problem, I am obviously not helping at all.

 But all of the previous comments about the admittedly wonderful avocado don't mention the fact that you will need bile to digest it.

cbearm: Many thanks. that is what I wanted to know. I have been told that MCT's is good for my case. yes, I do have pain when I consume large amount of fat, usually this problem happens when I eat muffins and cakes. If I eat more than one in one day, I feel pain right away. I guess it is good for me so I can stop eating fatty foods and lose weight but it is a bad in a way that it doesn't help me produce eggs. I lost my period for a good three months. I didn't get it back until I had so much fatty foods.. but I was sick because of my gallbladder. so I thought the best way to comprmise is to eat food that is MCT's.
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