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I am going to go to the GNC store today to buy some nutrition bars.. are there any good suggestions, i just want one for an afternoon snack.  My aunt gave me one of her Atkins Advantage Carmel Fudge brownie bar 590.html and i thought it was pertty good. has anyone tried any of the other flavors, like the cookie dough or anything else?
I also found on the internet the Atkins Advantage Morning bars.. amp;kw=atkins&origkw=atkins&sr=1 has anyone tried these or arent they a good idea? they have a lot of protein and fiber

I know that most of these are high in sat fat, but have basically no sugar, or no sugar alcohols, so is it OK if the sat fat is kind of high?
And if there are anymore suggestions of what i should buy id appreciate it :) i would prefer something thats not over 200 cals tho :) thanks in advance
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Im interested in this also.   I would like a protien/energy bar that I can have with a peice of fruit for a meal on the go or late afternoon snack. ?  
Honest answer?

I love, love, loved them at first. Ate them to access while doing Atkins + I bought a huge box of different flavors from eBay, so it was cheap and easy.  After only a short amount of time though, they made my stomach hurt so bad and (blush) gave me so much gas--I actually threw them all away. They DO taste good---especially if you have been doing Atkins and are craving chocolate/sweets. But DANG--seriously, I think you are better off going back finally to the right way--sweet stuff like fruit.

Just my two cents---but the thought of my stomach exploding was not appetizing enough =P
They are made with sugar alcohols, which don't affect your blood sugar, but if consumed in large quantities causes gas as well as diarrhea.

You really shouldn't have more than one a day, if that.

I get the Atkins bars and another kind called Paleo Bars and only have them when I absolutely must.

No more than twice a week or so.


I've had the S'mores and the chocolate peanut butter - they're both fine to me...
Yeah, I was so starved for chocloate, I overate them, so nomoreexcuses is right. They can be fine if you have self control =P (blush) Like i said, they can be delicious... ( :
Yeah i like them alot, and i like how they have no sugar :) .. the first bite i had i wasnt sure if i liked it, so i put it back and came back a day later and ate it with a glass of milk.. yum! :)
i just got back from the store to buy another one but they didnt have them in individuals, only in a box for like 9 dollars, and i only wanted one,    so i bought the Balance Carb Well chocolate peanut butter and ate half of it, they are higher in calories, and have 19g of sugar alcohol(is that bad).. i definetly like the atkins better
Cookie Dough is quite yummy, its very sweet, but the Caramel Chocolate Peanut Nougat is my favorite!
I think they advise no more than 35 g of sugar alcohols a day

so 19 should be ok...

you might get a little gas... you'll have to let us know... ::giggle::

I really wanted to try the cookie dough ones (u are talking about the Atkins advantage carmel cookie dough, right? becuase atkins has other cookie dough bars too:) ) but you could only buy those in a box, and same with the carmel chocolate peanut nougat... they should make a variety pack!!
I actually discovered the Zone diet ones - sold in my local CVS - MMMGOOD...  And that was surprising because I didn't care for the Atkins bars.  I guess just a matter of preference! :)
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