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Ate too much broccoli...

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10 minutes ago, I polished off an entire plate of broccoli (meant for a family of 5) myself. I think that was around 10 cups of broccoli (or more).

My stomach hurts. Should I drink loads of water now? Will I bloat? What should I do?

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Original Post by mintcandy:
What should I do?

Enjoy it. At least you overate on something very nutritious. You'll probably be somewhat bloated and poop like crazy, but really, there's no reason to worry.

Broccoli is healthy, but I am not so sure if it's a good thing to eat anything till it hurts. :/ Just drink water now and hope that it will pass. No matter how healthy it is, it still contains calories and 10 cups of broccoli would count for about 300 calories. No big deal, but I really, really don't know how that's possible - it's a lot of volume!

There are way worse things to binge on. Drink lots of water to help digest and go lie down.
I think the people at would beg to differ with some of these replies. ;)

Take a Chill Pill.

Original Post by trh:

Take a Chill Pill.


You'll probably feel bloated and gassy for awhile but it will go away.  If you're gonna overdo it, at least you overdid it on something good for you.

Thank you so much for your replies. :)

However, I now have diarrhea?! What should I do?

Head to the bathroom and let it all out.

Original Post by mintcandy:

Thank you so much for your replies. :)

However, I now have diarrhea?! What should I do?

Do what the Indians did. Poop.

Drink water.  If it persists switch to Gatorade.

Drink lots of water to get the mail moving so to speak. I was researching how long it takes for the body to be affected by food and if you got diarrhea within 4-6hrs of eating the broccoli, my guess it wasn't the cause. Keep hydrated and get either propel or Gatorade. If you're watching your sugars, probably propel is better. rade-vs-propel/

HAHAHA dude, that's really not that much. 

At least you'll get a ton of vitamins... poop away the excess! 

What you should do is NOT freak out! Don't worry about it at all. You might bloat , you might feel a bit gassy, but it will pass! I eat like 20 cups of produce nightly! LOL! Don't even worry, if anything you did your body a world of good! LOL!

Chamomile Tea... Peppermint Tea - those may help sooth your stomach.

your poop will be green!

Supreme Court Justice Scalia will be very very satisfied that nobody mandated you to buy it. You chose to inject yourself into this act of commerce. ha ha. Broccoli is SO SO yum. take care absolutely!

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