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Hey All... I have found that I most likely have aspartame poisoning... from drinking too much diet coke (hey, atleast it's caffeine free!)...

I noticed that my Yoplait Fat Free yogurt also has aspartame... Do you guys have suggestions for a fat free yogurt that does NOT have aspartame but still tastes good?

Thanks!.... Nicole

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Blue bunny light yogurts are sweetened with splenda.

Dannon Light 'n Fit uses Splenda. (If you've got a Kroger, I totally recommend their 'Lite' yoghurts-- sweetened with Splenda, cheap, and YUM!)

I've been looking for a brand of yogurt that has aspartame in it, and it's impossible to find one! I am super sensitive to sucralose, so I can only consume aspartame. All the Yoplait yogurt here is sweetened with Splenda... and now Astro switched over to Splenda too - so I am screwed.

"I noticed that my Yoplait Fat Free yogurt also has aspartame... Do you guys have suggestions for a fat free yogurt that does NOT have aspartame but still tastes good?"

None of the brands in Canada have aspartame as far as I know (even Yoplait - wierd =/). Have you tried Danone?

From the Stonyfield Farm website:

"Stonyfield Farm introduces the first naturally-sweetened light yogurt, giving consumers a choice they haven't had before. With just 100 calories, 0 grams of fat and 3 grams of natural dietary fiber in a six-ounce cup, Stonyfield Farm Light offers a clean-tasting alternative to existing reduced-calorie yogurts, which contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose."

There are many, many others without aspartame. I've seen some with, as mentioned above, sucralose, for example. I avoid all artificial sweeteners, though, so I couldn't say for certain which ones they are. I eat only the full-fat, full-sugar yogurts. I'll also grab plain yogurt and add honey.

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Brown Cow has fat free yogurt which is sweetened with sugar, and Wallaby has fat-free with evaporated cane juice.  I personally really like Fage, which is fat free greek yogurt (super creamy and good for you too!) and completely unsweetened, then I add in some fruit and honey, or if you prefer the sugar alternatives (I think they're all nasty myself), you can throw on some Splenda or stevia.

If you want small portions of yoghurt with no corn-syrup or artificial sweeteners in them, try Dannon naturals - they come in a four pack and they're real (yummy) yoghurt. The individual cups of low-fat Dannon are pretty good too, but NOT the 'light and fit' ones - they're vile! The 6oz cups have about 150 calories each - at least a hundred calories LESS than other yoghurt... and the little 4oz ones have 110.

Yoplait Light also has most of the same flavors sweetened with Sucralose. 
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how about non-fat plain yogurt and then put in fruit preserves to flavor it. It's what I do. ...If there's a Trader Joe's around you, take a look at their selection of preserves. The ones that I know that they have are blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, apricot, raspberry, and boysenberry. 2 teaspoons of any of them in a bowl of yogurt instantly flavors yogurt with only the natural sweetness of the fruit in the preserves. I also LOVE!!!!! to mix apple butter with plain yogurt. TRY IT!!! You will like it.

Stonyfield farm = amazing.

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yup.  ...That's the brand I always stick with too

I personally prefer fat free natural yogurt and add my own pieces of fruit that way you know exactly whats in it and it still tastes so good much better than any.

I know its not exactly what you meant

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I also get fat free plain and add my own fruit, honey, or whatever else I feel like to flavor it

You can get plain yogurt and add a little bit of frozen orange juice or apple juice concentrate as a sweetener, along with some fruit.

Dannon has a new "all-natural" yogurt that is sweetened with (gasp) actual sugar.

why dont people simply buy plain yogurt? yogurt with artifical sweeteners is not worth it, nor healthy at all!

You should try buying plain fat free yogurt and make your own flavors by using fresh or frozen fruit and some brown sugar or whatever...most fat free yogurts contain artificial sweetners.

Silhouette 0+ from Danone

I second the motion..or fifth, plain nonfat yogurt and add ur own stuff.  I used to use Dannon, but now on the Fage 0% greek yogurt it.

I actually am more interested in aspartamine did u know that??

I am allergic to it, it is in a LOT of stuff...check all ur sugar free jello, pudding, gum,crystal light ect...

There is a Diet Coke with Splenda...u might want to try it outSmile

Sorry..old post got my attention..

scary whats aspartamine poisoning?

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