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Aspartame is NOT BAD! LISTEN UP!

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I just got the morning paper today, and here is the article I found:

Aspartame study finds no added risk of cancer -
A federal study in people -- not rats -- takes the fizz out of arguments that the diet-soda sweetener aspartame might raise the risk of cancer.
    No increased riske was seen, even among people who gulped down many artificially sweetened drinks a day, said researchers who studied the diets of more than half a million older Americans.
    A consumer group praised the study, done by reputable reseachers independent of any funding or ties to industry groups.
    "It goes a gair way toward allaying concerns about aspartame," said Micheal Jacobson, head of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which had urged the government to review the sweetener's safety after a troubling rat study last year.

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I respectfully disagree.  Just because it may not cause cancer, doesn't mean it doesn't cause a whole host of other problems.

I have had many health issues in the past that were directly attributed to aspartame.  Primarily debilitating migraines and memory loss.  Once aspartame was removed from my diet, like magic these problems also disappeared. 

I study nutrition and work in a nutrition center and I have encountered many people, particularly women who have had problems with aspartame.  Its not just me ;) and when they removed aspartame from their diets the symptoms cleared up.  I will go with what I know to be true for myself before believing anyone's study.  Just because something doesn't cause cancer doesn't make it harmless... just my two cents.

You may be right. I'm just sick of hearing people say it causes cancer.
I agree with Christins... It is still bad for you... Look it up on the net.. Or check out my thread about it!

The thing about science and research is that it doesn't care about your opinions. It doesn't matter whether you agree with those things or not, they stand on their merits.


Thanks for sharing the article.  I think the point about the cancer aspect is important.

I have read many different articles about aspartame.  I found this page at Snopes interesting:

snopes aspartame false information

Moderation in all things. 


I don't care if it causes cancer or not, it makes me feel gross... and that's reason enough to not consume it. I'm not a fan of feeling dirty and sluggish because of the food I eat.



In cancer research centres they GROW CANCER CULTURES on aspartame. It may not CAUSE cancer but I sure as hell Don't want to make my body any more cancer friendly. Try stevia or another alternative.

Just keep in mind, when they do these scientific studies, if just a few of the studies fall within your agenda, even if 99% of them don't, you can prove your theory to be right. That's why I actually don't take these studies too seriously unless it's a very constant, unchanging result.

Aspartame is artificial and usually tastes crappy in products. It may or may not cause to cancer, but it certainly does contribute to other bad health symptoms. It's unnatural and your body sees it as a toxin. In moderation, it's not so bad, but in high amounts, that's a lot of stress you're putting on you liver!(since it's responsible for flushing out those bad chemicals). And to be honest, aspartame-filled food tastes gross! Every time I tried diet soda I felt like I was going to puke, and it seems to make people just as addicted as they are to sugar. I know like half a dozen people who go crazy for diet drinks.

Stick with stevia or simply some plain old sugar in moderation.

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Just because someone writes something doesn't mean it true. This can go both ways. Listen to your heart.

I wouldnt touch that stuff, period

Use Splenda (which is sucralose).  It is the closest to sugar (its a chlorinated sugar compound) but non-caloric because the body cannot break it down.  Its passed out unchanged.

Aspartame, saccharin etc. are all safe - given the amount the population consumes any issue would have come out decades ago.  These compounds were extensively tested before approval by the FDA and other regulatory authorities around the world. 

Just because something is natural or artificial does not make it safe or harmful.  Snake venom is natural too, as is marijuana, botulinum, morphine etc.  There is no great conspiracy here - sugar is a chemical as much as honey, aspartame or fructose.

Original Post by Rozzhelliwell:

In cancer research centres they GROW CANCER CULTURES on aspartame. It may not CAUSE cancer but I sure as hell Don't want to make my body any more cancer friendly. Try stevia or another alternative.

Cancer feeds off of everything. That's why whenever you go to the doctor they ask if you've had any unexplained weight loss. When cells are multiplying rapidly they need a lot of fuel and thus consume just about anything, including aspartame (based off of what you said). And any other nutrient.

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