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apple sauce instead of oil?

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i heard that you can use applesauce instead of oil in a cake and you cant taste the difference.  if this cake calls for 3/4 cup of much applesauce do i add instead?  thanks in advance!
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Yes you can do this, im not sure how much applesauce tho..but some one will eventually give you the answer [=
Substitute the oil and applesuace 1 for 1 (3/4 cup applesauce for 3/4 oil).  I've been doing it for years and it works great!

It is awesome!! coach_k has steered you right, replace the same amount.  This also works in brownies.  It makes no difference in the taste or texture and saves ... well ... let's see,

a cup of vegetable oil has 1927 calories, all from fat.

a cup of applesauce has ... 105.

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My mom used to do this, and I always thought it tasted awkward. That being said, I still ate too much of the stuff and got fat.

Moral of the story: learn portion control and don't try to make unhealthy foods healthy. Use the oil.

You can substitute all the eggs and oil  for 1 15oz can of black beans.  Puree the beans, add one cup of water...and voile!   Delicious cake that has fewer calories, more protein and is most likely the most moist cake you have ever tasted.

...and can't taste the beans.  The chocolate overrides it.

Black beans, huh!  That's a new one.  I happen to have some, I may try that next time ...

the advantage to applesauce, though, is you can use it in any cake.  It doesn't have to be chocolate to "override" the flavor ... don't know how black beans would fly in a pineapple-upside-down cake, you know??   Wink

I say (again), if you have the resources to make a treat healthier, and you want a piece of cake or a brownie, and you would like to only have to expend 100 of your daily calories on it instead of 300, then use the applesauce.  Even my picky 9-year-old cannot tell the difference.

The whole "use the oil and get over yourself" suggestion was NOT helpful, IMHO.

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Then the next thing you know you'll tell yourself it's ok to have another piece because after all it's a "healthy treat."

Next thing you know you won't even think twice about eating something like this every day because it's "healthy."

I'm not saying everyone will fall into this trap, but there are plenty of people who will, and I was one of them. 

True...some people would fall into this trap.  I'm one of those people that need something (want) sweet after dinner so I allow myself one piece of extra protein filled cake or a brownie with extra fiber or protein in it.

If I *can* make it healthier, I will.  But I compare that same piece which is 110 cals to one that is 180 cals, and I can fit it into my calorie intake.  My other friends that come over...well, they're just eating a little better and they don't know it.  I don't see any harm in substituting. 

From my limited experience in baking with applesauce, combined with information I've gleaned from more knowledgeable people on the Internet, you should add applesauce equal to the oil called for, and then add one tablespoon of oil so the texture is still OK. And one tablespoon, when divided up among all the servings you'll slice your cake into, will add like <10 cals.
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actually, i hardly ever eat sweets but decided to bake a cake today and thought that if I can make it a bit healthier then why not, you know?

i dont think i will eat the whole cake just because it has less calories lol (i think my hubby will beat me to it!)

Next thing you know you won't even think twice about eating something like this every day because it's "healthy." I'm not saying everyone will fall into this trap, but there are plenty of people who will, and I was one of them.

If you don't have the willpower to stay away from it when it is made with applesauce, then how does making it with oil magically change that mindset? 

And for the record, I'm one of those who doesn't fall into that "trap".   Like the OP's last comment, I don't think I could eat half a cake or a pan of brownies even if they were calorie-free!!  But I do keep applesauce in the house all the time because my little one likes it ... it is handy, it is healthier, so I use it.

What a great tip I'll try this.

Can I replace butter with applesauce also?

Just wondering.
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sabineyer.  I think you can. though I cannot see how a white cake,no spices or other strong flavour, you could not notice the difference in flavour.If you are a bit leery I might try for whipping up the eggs whites like in a chiffon cake to make certain the cake fluffs well.

sabineyvr - are you replacing butter, as in for cookies?  (I don't know of any cake recipes that call for butter, just oil.)

You have to be more careful with replacing butter, or using this tip for anything that isn't "cake-like".   Butter is a little different, it affects more than the texture ... it affects shape and the finished surface.  If you use applesauce in a cookie mix, the cookies won't spread out on the baking sheet, and they won't get crispy.
I think with butter you could perhaps go half- and-half so you still get the effects of the butter, but not so many calories.

Sabineyvr - i was about to ask about butter.

Stellajo - What do you mean you dont use butter in cakes???? ive never heard of oil in cakes, it just sounds weird :-( Making a cake American style sounds very different, im still trying to work out if a 'cup' is actually a tea cup, a coffee mug, or some other divice for measuring. I use 8oz flour (or 2 cocoa/6 flour), 4oz butter, 4oz sugar, 3 eggs = a very yummy cake. On top of which i put icing, made of icing sugar and butter, do you make 'frosting' out of frosting sugar and oil??

Sabineyvr -- you can substitute applesauce for fat if you are not CREAMING the fat.  It will not work for that type of recipe.  If your recipe calls for Melted Butter, it will work though.

Chelseagirl -- American cake mixes call for oil and eggs to be added to the mix.  As for the 'cup', it is 8 FLUID ounces. 

I have used the applesauce substitution in all flavors of cakes, from white cake, to lemon, to chocolate -- no one has ever mentioned a taste change -- they all just talk about how moist it is.

You can also substitute the oils in baking with ground flax seed -- the substitution formula is right on the package (of the flax seed).  I've not tried it, yet.


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just to let you guys know...the cake is yummy!

you cant even tell the difference!!!!

Chelseagirl- a cup is usually either a liquid or a dry measure, based upon measuring cups. A cup of liquid is 8 ounces, but dry is based upon the size of the cups or spoons. Buy the liquid and dry measuring equipment in the baking equipment aisle of your grocery store or cookware store. As for oil in a cake, if you use a boxed cake mix it usually asks for oil, eggs, and sometimes water.

And no, cookies made with applesauce are a bad idea. I tried them with peanut-butter cookies made from a mix, and they came out too moist--- to the point they seemed to retain the apple-sauce texture and even flavor a bit. Not so tasty.

I'm going to have to try that black bean idea someday. I imagine it would be good in something like gingerbread, too. 

I have found that it with chocolate cake, the taste/texture is great. I am not as impressed with the results when making a yellow cake.
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