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Apple Cider Vinegar to boost metabolism

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I've read a few people on here saying that apple cider vinegar can help boost your metabolism and get you out of a plateau. I'm not in a plateau yet, but my weight loss has started to slow down. Only 1 lb last week and 1-1/2 lbs the week before.

Does anyone know how this works? How much and how long do you have to take it to see results? Does anyone have any experience using this?
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I've heard that too, I don't have an answer for you about it, but I did buy some. I was told to drink a teaspoon of it with water.
I don't know if it speeds up your metabolism, but one thing it does is...

if you take a teapoon of vinegar prior to a meal, the vinegar gets into your duodenum (the top part of your small intestines) where it reacts with trigger cells as an acid... so your duodenum sends a message to your brain "We got some acid down here!" which the brain interprets as "We're digesting food!" because usually it's stomach acid / digestive juices that stimulates that signal.

So your brain thinks you've eaten enough to get stomach acid into your intestines, which means that when you really do start eating your meal, you will feel full sooner.
That's very funny how you described that. I totally pictured my duodenum screaming at my brain.

Thanks for the explanation.
Nope it won't help you, at least not that anyone has tested or tried to prove. If you read the claims (which seem to be shared a crossed the web) they don't even make sense.


If you want to lose weight, forget about apple cider vinegar. Weight loss requires effort and commitment. The only formula you can depend on is eating less and exercising more.
tried it.  doesn't work.
I tried it, and I wouldn't drink it again if you paid me. It's disgusting.

I have been taking it for almost a week so I don't know if it works yet but if you mix one tablespoon with grape juice you can just barely taste it I take 2 tablesoons a day

Original Post by clairelaine:

tried it.  doesn't work.

 How long did you give it?

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