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Anyone ever try a santa claus melon?

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So I was at the grocery store today and wanted to try something new.  The Santa clause melon caught my eye, but I wasn't sure how to pick a good one.  Can anyone help me out with this and maybe tell me what they taste like?


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Nope, never tried one, but I'd be pleased if you let me know what it's like if you do!

any one?

ive never tried one, but i would choose one like i would any melon. Heavy for its size with few blemishes/soft spots.... and ask your produce guy what they taste like, most stores are really pushing service, and if you ask about a taste or texture they have to offer a sample, and dont worry about waste, they will sample out the rest of the melon (i work grocery)

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I bought one in Cincinnati this past weekend.  It reminds me a lot of a honeydew.  I'm not a big melon person, but it tastes pretty good.  Mine was light green with dark green specs on the outside.  The inside is a real light color of green.

I've had one once while visiting my Aunt. She is from Spain and said she had it all the time while she grew up there and i must try some. It was absolutely delicious. I remember it was very sweet, with a softer texture. I ate almost all of it.

I don't remember much of what the outside looked like though, just it was very good.

Never had one, but I don't knock trying melons. Melons are down right amazing. I  was at the store last week and bought a Crenshaw melon. YUM. :) I go fruit/veggie shopping tomorrow, so if I see one I'll def pick one up.

Just pluck the melon if it sounds hollow it should be good.....that means it is ripe or ask the grocer they should know.....

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