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anyone tried the miracle noodles (calorie free)?

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I saw an add for miracle noodles made from glucomannan.  Has anyone tried them?  I understand glucomannan noodles are just a bunch of fiber.  Wouldn't that make you really bloated?

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Sounds weird to me, but Men's Health seemed to like them.

I just tried them tonight.  Had to order them on-line from Asiangrocer.  Odd consistency (tried the ones that were tied up like dumplings) - but simmered them in pasta sauce and they really had no flavor of their own and are filling.  I am looking forward to trying the more traditional noodle shape in a stir fry.  I am going to add shrimp and use a seasoning pack from a Ramein noodle package and see how it goes.  If it is too weird, I may look to add this as 1/2 of the noodles in a stir fry.  I want to make the same meal for myself and my 9 yr old - so if it is too different, he will balk - but he loves Asian food, so I think he will be game to try.  We are working on smart food choices - and he is getting good at understanding food labels.  He will still take cheetos over granola (LOL!) 

Rawr, I really want some, but I asked at my local asian supermarket and they looked at me like I had several extra arms or something.

I'm going to try another one, but I'm running out of options and they aren't on Amazon, and I don't feel comfortable with most of the ebay ones I see.  They look like someone put them together in a chem lab.

They're better known as Shirataki noodles and a lot of people on CC have tried them - and seem to either love or hate them.

Check the Asian section of the produce department at your local grocery store (where wonton wrappers, etc. are kept)

 I have tried the House Foods America version of these noodles which I ordered online.  I have used both the linguine shaped and traditional spaghetti shaped noodle.  I did try to go into one of the local markets but none of the international markets or asian markets near me had any idea what I was talking about.  Although the consistency takes some getting used to it is nice to have 8 oz of "pasta" for 40 calories. 

With the right sauce and after you get used to the consistency I think they are a great pasta substitute and very filling. I had no problem with bloating but I only use them once or twice per week max.



I use to get these noodles in Tampa, Florida at an Asian salad bar and they would put soy sauce on them with other veggies mixed in--they were delicious I have not been able to find them anywhere else....thanks for the post becasue now I at least know what they are called....they are delicious I love the consistancy of them...

You mean the tofu shirataki noodles? I like them, and they sell them at Safeway , a regular grocery, here in San Francisco. They're in the refrigerated section with the other tofu stuff and fake meat. One thing, though - they smell super bad when they come out of the bag! You need to reallyrinse them off well before you eat them! Other then that, they go with any kind of sauce - I've eaten them with marinara, pesto, or cooked them in a wok with some veggies, ginger and soy sauce - and they just taste like the sauce.

These noodles aren't calorie free, but they're only 20 calories per serving, and one serving is very filling.

I buy the Miracle Noodles (Shiratake) that are not the Tofu.  The ones I see with Toful have a little more calories.  An Asian market near me carriy the Miracle Noodle brand and I sometimes order from the website.  

I rinse them very well and then dry them by heating a dry skillet and putting the noodles  in and letting all the water burn off.  The noodles become very white and start making a popping sound.  There is a lot of steam in the process but as the steam goes down you know they are ready. I then add some liquid..usually chicken broth.  The longer they set the more flavorful they become.  I store some prepared in the fridge and use it later for stir fry.  Yuuumm

Miracle noodle is a brand name, instead ask for shirataki noodles in the asian store and they will probably DO know what you are talking about :-) There is indeed a version with and without tofu.
Personally I don't really like them in Italian style dishes, to me they taste too Asian, hehe, but that's just me. So I mostly make curry or stir fry dishes with them, they are yum and super guilt free!
Like momthenurse said make sure to reaaaaally rinse them well, they have a fishy smell when you open the package, this is not a sign of them going bad.

LOVE THESE THINGS! I buy mine from! I haven't eaten real pasta in almost 8 years now so having these babies around is AWESOME! I also eat spaghetti squash for the PASTA LIKE consistency! ha ha! You should def. try these suckers! They taste like ANYTHING you mix them with, so just as long as your good at making tasty sauces - you're golden!

Love em. I eat the shirataki noodles and the House tofu-shirataki noodles. Both are great.

I prefer them with a thick flavorful sauce. I've tried them in soups and they just don't hang on to enough of the flavor. My only issue with them is the price. :( I'd eat them every day if I had the money.



I found these websites

didn't have the time to read it all but i thought maybe this would be useful and helpful. I don't think i can find them in spain though Frown

I have tried both, with the tofu and without.  My husband is not too keen on either but I love them because then I can have a huge bowl of homemade vegetable lo mein, where I control the sodium and stuff, and still have so many calories leftover for another time!

If you forget the word shirtaki, just ask for yam noodles.  A couple of weeks ago, I was hankering for chicken lo mein...i opened a package of the noodles, picked out vegies from my freezer and a little bit of chicken and whipped up a nutrious and healthy meal without all the extra fat and sodium as whatI would have gotten at the chinese take out place around the corner...

Noodles are easy with a pc. of chicken. Give them a litle sauce. I just hope they help digestive system as they promise.

Noodles are easy with a pc. of chicken. Give them a litle sauce. I just hope they help digestive system as they promise.

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 The noodles are great, you just gotta eat them with a really open mind knowing that what you are eating is not going to taste like a carb rich pasta. Don't set your hopes too high and you'll be pleaseantly surprised. I would recommend the guys to stay away from the Tofu versions as we have seen a few studies linking soy to increased levels of estrogen in men.

    As for cooking them, the key is to cut them in really small pieces because they tend to be kind of slippery. They come pre-cooked in a bag that you just drain and rinse well, and squeeze, to get the odd smell off.

    My favorite ways of eating the no calorie Shiratakies:

Blue Cheese & Gorgonzola Pasta: <200 calories

Sweet & Sour Shrimp (w pineapples, peas & carrots): <260 calories

w sardines in tomato sauce: 190 calories



They are easy to mix with soup or have as entrwe with pc. of meat. Just hope they do what they say internallly.

I guess you either love them or hate them....I HATE them.  They have the consistency of slimy rubber and have no flavor.  But if you want to try them Whole Foods carries them if you have one in your town.

I think it is a clear choice, you either love it or hate it. I HATED it. I felt like I was eating worms. The texture is very odd, and that's if you can get past the smell!!

Packaged as Shirataki noodles and made from tofu, I found them at Publix (southern USA supermarket) in the produce section near the tofu items and won ton wrappers.  It is important to rinse them to improve flavor but they can be a real filler in your diet.  I came up with a fabulous and filling asian flavored dish like a noodle soup.  I use low fat chicken broth, canned water chestnuts,  canned bamboo shoots, sliced green onions and whatever else I have on hand.  A small amount of sesame oil really kicks it up a  notch.  Other things I put in it are soy sauce, minced ginger, garlic, roasted chicken and throw a handful of bean sprouts and some cilantro at the end.  The sky's the limit but these are the flavors that work for me.  This meal is very healthy, low in fat and carbs.  It makes so much and really fills you up!

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