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I saw them for the first time at the grocery store this week. Hebrew National caught my eye with 97% less fat (and kosher, too) and only 47 calories. I was surprised and dumbfounded. A normal hot dog has at least 150 calories, so I'm wondering about the taste.

Has anyone tried the low-fat hot dogs, of any brand? What did you think?

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I've tried veggie hotdogs, but I don't remember the brand.. it was 90 calories and 1g of fat for a very large hotdog that was too big for normal buns. :P They kind of looked like plastic before I cooked them, but once they were cooked they looked and tasted great.

Although I've never had low-fat hot dogs that are ACTUALLY meat, if veggie dogs can taste that good, I'm assuming those won't be all that bad..

I have had the Hebrew National hot dogs, and I will say that although they aren't quite the same as full fat dogs, they are not too bad. At 47 calories I could afford to eat two for dinner with black beans and onions, and I think it is pretty cool to be able to find "junky" type foods that aren't junky for cookouts and lazy dinners. I would definately buy them again, and as long as you know it is not going to be quite as yummy and bad for you, you will probably like them too. With a little ketchup and mustard, you barely know the difference.

Man I love em!!! Too tasty! Oh and Wonder bread has ligh buns that have 4 grams of fiber and are like 80 calories!
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Ball Park Fat Free Beef is all I eat.  They look a little gross before being cooked, but after you grill them, they look and taste just like real fattening hot dogs. 

I like to top them with low-fat turkey chili. This way you can't tell they are any different from the regular kind, and they are very satisfying (taste and health-wise).

Im pretty sure I had Ball Park Fat Free ones.  I want to say they were 50 cal each.  They were good to me.  It sucks the lowest calorie bun I could find was 100 cal. Frown

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Generally when it comes to meat, the words Fat Free are bad words.  But for only a few grams of fat, the Hebrew National 97% Fat Free ones taste phenominal.  I've tried a few other low fat and fat free brands, but Hebrew just seems to know what they're doing with a hot dog, even with reduced fat.  They're one of the few that actually still taste like beef after all the processing is done.  I'm not the biggest fan of hot dogs in the first place.  But my husband is and if we're going to have them for the occasional quick meal, it had better taste good.

Thanks everyone! I think I am going to try them :)

Ladydeathbird, thanks for the tip about the wonder bread light buns...I will have to keep an eye out for them, too. I was thinking last night....sure, low cal hot dogs, but what about the buns?! lol...

principessa21....low-fat turkey chili, I didn't think of that....good idea!

katja93: I've tried Hebrew National before, and they are the only ones my mom will eat because they don't make her sick. I think that the fact that they are kosher and they don't use bi-products (or whatever) adds to their flavor. They were the lowest fat that I saw at my grocery store, too.

I have actually been testing out a variety of brands of low-fat and fat-free hot dogs.  The best ones, IMHO, are Ball Park's.  I have also tried Oscar Meyer and Hebrew National.

They're really surprisingly good and they are among my favorite quick-easy-lunch proteins.

I'm a HUGE fan of the low fat doggies!!!  On the low calorie, high fiber wheat buns with some mustard, paired with a nice fresh salad and a serving of Sun Chips!!  YUM :-P  I think I'll have that for dinner tonight!

I also prefer the Ballpark dogs.  I do not use buns, just a slice of aunt millies 7 grain light bread (35 cal) with some mustard and sour kraut (sometimes catsup instead)...never as a meal, but often as a snack.
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