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Anyone eats bacon here?

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The packaging of the bacon says that for 2 pieces of pan-fried bacon, there is only 80 calories. Seeing that my bacon is rather fatty (u can see half of the bacon is made up of fats), is it really true that 2 pieces of bacon only have 80 cals???  If i eat 4 pieces every morning, will that be too much?
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People definitely do eat bacon around here...  :D

Recipes with Bacon

Yeah, the calorie information is probably correct but you might want to think about it this way....

Look at that calorie breakdown...

  • 4 pieces of bacon - 160 cals
  • Over 70% of those 160 calories are coming from fat.
  • Worse, the fat in bacon is saturated fat (one of the 2 worst kinds)
Nutrition experts say that less than 10% of your daily calories should come from saturated fat.  So that means, if you're eating 1500 cals a day, you can have up to 150 cals in saturated fat.

But do you really want to put that saturated fat in your body every day?

You DO need to eat some fat every day.  But the recommendations are to get the heatlhy fats, like in avocado, walnuts, almonds, olive oil, canola oil and the like. 

Bacon, IMO, is a once in a while food... not an every day food.  But this a choice for you to make.

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have you tried Turkey Bacon?

Im not a fan of bacon, but I do buy Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage, its really good, and I can have 3 patties for breakfast for 150 calories, plus a scrambled egg and slice of toast.  :)
The only type of bacon I use are bacon bits (2 tbsp) on my salad but since I am not having salad more than 2-3 times a week it's not a big deal but I'm planning not to buy the bits anymore and instead use tuna or ham on my salad.
The reason it says 80 cals for 2 pan fried slices is that much of the fat melts away while cooking.  They don't expect you to eat the bacon grease.  The meat is much higher in calories when it's raw.  I love bacon, but haven't eaten it in forever because I thought it would sabotage my weight loss.  Last week I finally decided to try to incorporate it back into my life.  Went to the store and bought some fresh bacon, not the prepackaged kind.  I was going to make a kick-ass BLT.  After I got home, though, I realized in the ingredients it said sodium nitrite, which I refuse to eat because of how much I know about its strong linkage with cancer.  I thought the fresh kind, rather than the Oscar Mayer kind, wouldn't have nitrites, but I guess it does.  Oh well, no bacon for me, ever. :(
I love turkey bacon! Less fat and calories but still tastes just as good. Yum yum! I don't eat it often, probably once or twice a month, but I still think it should be fine as long as it's in moderation. :)
Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon........yum
Bacon ... yum! I think bacon is fine as a once-in-a-while food item, but don't think that equates to "daily" in most instances. Perhaps you could try turkey bacon? Or having bacon 3 times a week (instead of 7?)

A lot depends on what else you like to eat .... and how much fats are in the rest of your diet .... as well as what else you are eating.

Bacon is an occasional delight for me--a treat I have every once in a while. I don't see any harm in that, but would suggest finding an alternative for your daily nosh. 

....sorry, inadvertent dupe....

Bacon rocks....but I wouldn't eat it every day....turkey bacon is a good alternative or maybe buying the center cut of bacon from the butcher. It's a little more money but there is way more meat rather than the fat.
Ooo I love some crumbled bacon on top of a lettuce wedge, with chopped tomatoes and low cal ranch dressing. A little bacon now and then is not bad. It's not something to have every day. Try the turkey bacon if you want it daily or try Canadian bacon.
RATINHAT -- they have uncured bacon (with no sodium nitrate) now -- check out Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or something like that.  I buy bacon rarely (it's a binge item for me), but when I do, I looked for the uncured stuff (there's no taste difference unless you are looking for a specific hickory blend)
I still eat bacon. Only about once or twice a month though.
Ooh, thanks, coach_k.  I don't think I have a Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods around me, though.  We have a place called Earthfare.  It's like a health food grocery store.  Maybe they would have it?
Although I dont particularly like bacon, Im sure Im the only one here who's enjoyed chewing it raw - unhealthy and risky, I know.  You wont swallow it - it gets like buble gum, bacon gum.  I still dont know how I even first dared do it. 

Weird thing (and I bet that seemed weird already) is how it totally dominates flavors of food, much to me like regular (not hot) peppers do.  I dont like bacon in food for this reason and while I do like plenty of salty foods, its so salty or maybe just strong from being cured that I can only handle up to two slices (even raw, which Ive quit doing because of the risk aspect).

Ratinhat -- yeah, I've seen it on the shelves at Safeway around here (if I could remember a brand name!), so I would thing most of those organic/health food store would have it.

Sun -- that sounds like something my husband would do -- he says it's cooked, but not by any measure I have (and I'm not a fan of overally crisp bacon) EWWWWW -- but I love that bacon flavor!

Oscar Meyer Ready to Serve bacon has 70 cals and 5g fat for 3 slices.   It's precooked and you heat it in the microwave.  It says 20-30 seconds - 35 seconds in my microwave is wonderful crunchy bacon.  I also put it inside of paper towels so some of the fat is absorbed.
I like the taste of bacon, but I know it's fatty, so I don't eat it much.  And if I see it frying in a pan I don't wanna eat it at all-- seeing anything swimming in grease in a pan makes it immediately look gross to me.
some people eat worse but are healthy and live a long life - so we MAY be unwise to think it is a bad idea to do it every day.  If you were wanting to lose weight it is likely a bad idea since you may end up cutting out too much healtier foods to stay with in your limit.
The only way I could make calorie counting a long term affair is to know that occasionally I could have the things I used to love.  Bacon is one of these things.  But now I don't fry it in a pan...I cook it in my George Foreman grill.  Drains most of the fat out and is perfect and crispy.  UUUMMM!
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