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is anyone eating a whole pound of bacon?

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anyone know why when i look up bacon in the food log it gives me the calories for a whole pound. I've found the same problem with other foods where they give huge serving sizes. another example was butter. gave the calories for a whole pound!
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When you add it to your log, there is a selection box that enables you to choose your serving size before adding it.
hahah blue otter, I saw the same today - was looking for one slice of bacon and the options were 1lb or 3 slices?

Wonder why they don't always put the smallest possible option then people can multiply it?
Umm.. in all seriousness. Assuming someone were on the Atkins Diet, I can see it as possible.

Mmm.. Bacon.. it's what's for breakfast. And Lunch. And Dinner ;)
knitcorner,  I've found that you can input proportions and it will calculate it for you. 

For example: select the 3 slice serving size and type in "0.33" for 1/3 of the serving size. 
I'm finding ways to make it work. thanks for the suggestions. just thought it was pretty odd
I used to eat a whole pound of bacon at a time.  Of course I was a teenager and extremly active at the time.  Now I feel bad eating just a few pieces.
Oh really? I didn't know you could put percentages in, thanks for the tip!!
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my boyfriend can polish off a whole pound of bacon... he's strong and thin and its not fair! lol
The last time I was at a breakfast buffet I may have. But I doubt it because I'm sure I ate a pound of biscuits and gravy.
When you enter Bacon , Choose 3 slices, then change the 3 to a 1 in your food log.
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