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Anyone eaten at a Fogo De Chao?

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I will be taken here for dinner likely this week. Im not so concerned about the calories as I can control quantity but if youve eaten here:

How would you rate it as a restaurant?

Will you describe your experience?

How do they charge? The website video shows them coming around randomly and continually to tables carving pieces of meat at tables.


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It is great but I hope you like meat and I hope you go really hungry

It is a brazilian steakhouse. They have a ton of different kinds of steaks and some chicken and some seafood. You will be given a coaster like thing with one side red and one side green. If you have the coaster flipped in front of you to green they will constantly come by with different cuts of meat. If you want some, they will cut a sliver of it and have you take it and put it on your plate. Thing of a whole night of people coming around with different samples of meats as long as you are on green.

You also get the salad bar included.

It's one price per person (I think $40 or so) and there is no limit to what you can eat.

It's great food and a fun experience.

I've loved all the Brazilian places I've been to. Fab meats in a fun atmosphere. The prices are well worth it because of the quality - but you do need to be hungry. If the place has Papaya Cream for dessert Get It!, it's an add on, it's a traditional Brazilian dessert. It's not the sort of place you go to count calories, you go to eat great food.

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