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Does anyone besides me eat uncooked, dry oats?

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Yeah... I don't really like oatmeal, but I realized that when you take plain quick oats, and mix them with a tsp of sugar, they actually taste pretty good dry. Does anyone else do this, or am I just strange?
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No your are not the only one! I do it all the time! pretty much daily! except i don't mix any sugar with them i eat them just plain! I think they taste better dry than cooked too. i eat them daily right before my workout usually about 100-200 calories worth right in my car right before i go into the gym and drink bottled water to wash 'em down.

uncooked oat is how it's most often eaten in Denmark - as cereal with milk (and sugar), or turned into Muesli - Also try giving them a quick roast on a hot skillet (light brown) and sprinkle over yoghurt natural.... yummmmmmmy

i personally can't stand the texture/consistency of oatmeal, but dry oats are delicious with a bit of brown sugar, cinnamon and chopped apple. i don't really like milk on cereal either.. hmm. thought i was the only one :]
I used to mix them with a little melted margarine, brown sugar, and flour.  Mix this with some chopped up apple.  Yeah...bad for you, but is yummy.  Haven't done that in years.

Dry uncooked oats mixed with chopped apples, raisins, and a little sugar and cinnamon, mmm mmm. Or I like them mixed with some fruity yougurt-it sticks with you for quite a while.

I add uncooked oatmeal to my cereal every morning and I love it, I do this because I can't stand it cooked.

I like dry oats mixed with an equal amount of cold applesauce, a few raisins, a dash of cinnamon, a few grains of salt and a slash of cold vanilla soymilk or almond milk. It's like a deconstructed apple crisp with vanilla ice cream (after it gets all melted and gooey).

raw oats + cheerios + brown sugar = SO good.

Raw oatmeal mixed with yogurt is yummy for breakfast - and keeps you full for a long time!

I like my raw oats with plain yogurt and honey or dried fruit.
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Yep, I can eat dry raw oats by the handful (several handfuls that is!) Also like them with milk.   Sometimes gives me a stomach ache though...

I've always like them uncooked, but if someone will cook them for me.. I will eat them. I add 1/2 uncooked raw oats to 1 cup of yogurt, and a half scoop of whey protein powder. This is my before the workout breakfast. I really like eating them this way. It's quick easy and I'm done in mins and out the door.. 

As a little treat I sometimes mix together peanut butter, honey and dried oats.  It's delicious! 

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I love just plain raw oats. I will open the container and get a handful. My kids now will do the same thing. I can't get them to eat cooked oats now.

I screwed up a Gordon Ramsay recipe by not using enough butter, but it turned out so fabulous, that we make it all the time.

4 cups oatmeal

1/2 cup sugar

Dried fruit to taste (I used 5 ounces of a cranberry/cherry/papaya mix from Sams')

3 tbs honey

8 tbs butter (this is where I screwed up. I only put 4)

Mix together, pat into a pan, and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes or so. 

It is supposed to make a bar, but we got more of a granola texture.  It was SO GOOD!  My kids and I fought over the last few servings.  It really wasn't too high in calories, either.

Well I like making those no-bake oatmeal chocolate cookies! Instead of cooking the oats with the cocoa, I just pour the chocolate stuff over dry oats and freeze them.

For breakfast every day.  I mix them with berries and yoghurt - yum yum.  And sometimes for desert I mix the oats with some defrosted frozen raspberries which are all slushy and yummy - totally delicious!  And I thought I was the only one.....Ax

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