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does anyone eat the SAME thing all the time?

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I find myself eating the SAME things over and over.  Especially breakfast...steel cut oats and a coffee.  Does anyone have any idea if eating the same thing is good or bad?  Btw...I really like the steel cut oats, they taste really yummy and it really keeps me satisfied until lunch.
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it was on oprah with Dr Oz and i believe he said it is better to eat the same thing or 2 for breakfast everyday, that way your body gets used to it and if you get bored you can switch to your other choice, and it will help you from overeating..

btw thats a really good breakfast choice :D
i eaat a ton of salads. but they aren't just lettuce and salad dressing. i load them up. normally its a salad and fruit for lunch and then a salad with meat and a veggie for dinner. breakfast is always oatmeal or egg beaters. my snacks are always the same too. i stock up on ff cottage cheese, dannon light n fit yogurt and fruit.

I always eat 1 medium banana, packet of Kashi GoLean vanilla hot cereal, cup of coffee with tsp of sugar and 1 tbsp of coffeemate (totaling ~315 cals). 

Actually, my digestive system goes kind of haywire when I don't get this routine in the morning, because I think it's used to getting the fiber.  The last time I traveled and I had to eat a "normal" hotel continental breakfast, somehow I felt a little "off" - can't really explain it.

Anyway, I've heard the same thing about it being a good practice to have a consistent breakfast.

it's perfectly fine to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday.
it's a healthy breakfast choice, it fills you up and you enjoy it - therefore, why change a good routine?

i eat the same 3 things for breakfast basically. wildberry oatmeal with milk, fiber one with milk, or toasted raisin bread with milk. hell, my grandma has been eating shredded wheat with milk and a sliced banana for TWENTY years. :|

personally, i like a variety, but my grandpa has been eating the SAME breakfast for his entire life. corn flakes, with sugar and 2% milk. he's 81!
That's a good breakfast to be eating over and over again. The only downside to eating the same things every day is you're not getting much variety, therefore you might not be getting all the nutrients you need. You could try adding different things to your oatmeal on some days, like nuts and fruit, etc. But as long as you're getting some variety in your diet and you're taking a multivitamin it should be fine. I usually either eat Kashi Golean or oatmeal for breakfast with either an apple or a banana and skim milk, sometimes scrambled egg whites or coffee, and once a week I replace the milk with flavored fat free yogurt. Weekends are "wild cards."
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1/2 cup oatmeal
1-2 scoop Optimum Nutrition protein powder
1 Tbsp flaxseed oil
water or 8oz. almond milk
maybe a banana, depending on diet needs.

Every single morning, for about 8 months now.  Sometimes I'll throw in sugar/maple syrup if my sweet tooth is kicking in. =)
mm.. black beans. I loves them. I sautee them with hot sauce and ketchup and then eat it with a piece of toast.. yummm...

As long as it's natural food, I think it's okay. Don't forget about the guy who ate microwave popcorn everyday for lunch and ended up with a weird lung disorder from a carcinogen found in the popcorn smell, though!

I personally like to eat a Kashi bar and an apple every morning.

I definitely eat the same things for breakfast every day (cheerios+1% milk, an apple/orange, maybe a granola bar).

Lately I've also found myself eating the same things for lunch, too.. (turkey or ham/swiss on wheat, light salad, yogurt, and propel). Maybe that'll get mundane? I've been doing it for a month, haha..

Yup, I eat the same thing for breakfast EVERY morning - same things as you do, too!  Steel-cut oats (with vanilla soymilk, ground flaxseed, and cinnamon - no sugar) and coffee (that's where the sugar comes in!).

I always lose the most weight when I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day.  I plan each supper each week in advance to make sure that I get the rest of my nutrients in at supper throughout the week.
Ditto.  Works for me too.  The fewer choices, the less I focus on food and the easier to stick to the plan.  But I don't crave a lot of variety.  I just find combinations I like... and repeat them.

Dr. Oz and his book partner Dr. Michael Roizen do suggest the strategy of limiting choices/eating the same thing each day for breakfast.  It works for me.
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I generally eat the same thing for breakfast (1 cup Kashi GoLean w/ nonfat yogurt, blueberries and soymilk) and lunch. I try and vary my dinners and every Wednesday I change up breakfasts and go out for bagels and coffee with my friends (carbo loading for those xc races, lol). I think its fine to eat the same thing for breakfast.
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I also eat the same thing for breakfast every morning. I enjoy my breakfast and look forward to it every morning... actually, even the night before!!

As always: cereal (ie. kashi/allbran/fiberone) with milk and yogurt and flaxseed.
Everyday I eat my breakfast for lunch.

I was recommended southbeach southwest breakfast wrap 200 calories, but it had me to hungry before lunch (carb sensitive), so I bumped it to lunch.  I think its more comman to start the day out the same but I have had this for lunch daily for month.  Its my favorite so its my treat of the day.

Now I do eat the same snacks: midmorn nuts, late afternoon cheese and late nite SF kozyshack.  I just found my favorite stuff and like the simplicity. 

Breakfast and lunch vary a bit but not much.
I go through periods when I pretty much eat the same things for breakfast.  Recently it is grape-nuts, skim milk and a chopped up banana.  I just go with it until I get a spark of boredom and then get into the next rut.
I'm with sarah on this one.  I have the same thing until I've used it all, then I buy something else and eat that until it's gone.  One week it'll be whole wheat english muffins, then next week might be kashi waffles, next week eggs.  I never stick with one routine too long, but generally I will eat the same thing for a week or two.
I like a little variety in my lunches and dinners, but breakfast is usually switching back and forth between a couple of dependable choices.  Kashi Go-Lean (or sometimes cheerios) with cinnamon and 1/2 banana, or oatmeal with fruit (when the weather is cooler.)
yeah I have been eating a half cup of fibre one cereal for breakfast for like a year or more now (plus usually 1-2 fruits and sometimes other things)... it gives me lots of fibre, and I really, really enjoy it, and I have found sooo many creative ways to eat it or flavor it... but I am scared to eat something else insted incase it interferes or screws up my body, because all that fibre keeps me, well, you know lol...
I eat without fail for breakfast either 2 hard boiled eggs and a fruit or yogurt and a fruit
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