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Anybody on here trying to cut back on bread?

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I need to try to cut back on bread.  It is a big weakness of mine.  Anyone else have this problem and find a good solution? 

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Yes... I feel like most of my diet consists of carbs. It's horrible. I love bread...ANY kind.  I love oatmeal and cereal.  I can seriously live off of it.   Anyone have ideas that satisfy bread cravings? I already eat the sugar free reduced cal one.

Who doesn't love carbs?! I'm Italian so pasta is a huge weakness. Growing up my family used to eat it at least 4 nights a week for dinner. I can only imagine how huge I would be if I did that now, ugh! I love oatmeal too. MMM peaches and cream.

Anyway, I've been eating a higher protein diet lately, a lot of meat, cottage cheese snacks, and even protein shakes. It really keeps me full, so I don't splurge and eat bad stuff. But honestly, if you love carbs, eat them. Just do it in smaller portions. Like instead of a bag of chips or cookies, get the 100 calorie packs of your favorite snacks. I love the white cheddar smartfood popcorn and the Hostess coffee cakes. Delicious. They even have doritos and cheetos 100 cal packs! Also, if I eat pasta now, it's whole wheat and my bread is 7 grain or multi grain. It's actually pretty good. You don't feel like you're depriving yourself. We know it's not realistic to cut carbs out, so just enjoy them in moderation.

Hope that helps a little.


I'm huge bread fan but I've managed to cut down alot.

Breakfast: I eat more protein (eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, soy milk) and have a portion controlled amount of either oatmeal or cereal (whole grain) or the occassional, I'll have an english muffin. I used to eat two pieces of toast every morning.

Lunch: I use a wrap or whole wheat pita instead of two pieces of bread for my sandwiches.

Dinner: I try to make it more protein heavy and just have a small serving of brown rice or other whole grain.

If I eat out, I rarely order a sandwich or wrap because the portions are huge... some sandwiches have four slices of white bread! Hugely caloric.

Oh yes.  I will only buy the lowest calorie and carb bread and limit myself to 2 slices a day.  I could probably live on sandwiches, which may be good if I only ate 1 a meal, but I'd have some amazing fillings.

I quit bread back in November last year and I have not regretted it. For me it was just empty calories, I can get the same nutrients and fiber from other sources without the starch and the carbohydrate load.

I have cut bread out completely about two months ago! I only ate multigrain (I took white bread out of my diet years ago) but I found that it still took so many calories out of my daily allowance that I would rather have something else and so far, so good!

I cut out bread a few months back and haven't had a single bite :) However, if you are craving bread, there's this pita-like bread called Lavash made from whole grains. It has a 100 calories per serving (and the servings are really big!) and tastes very delicious.

I couldn't cut out all carbs though - my weakness is cereal and white rice. I still eat cereal (Kashi though, none of the sugary things) in small portions. Rice I reserve for special occasions and let myself have just a little bit.

why has bread been branded as bad? heh

personally i only eat sprouted, whole grain and high protien, and fiber breads.

i eat a bread called "healthy Hemp sprouted bread" from the french meadow bakery ( get at granola health food stores nation wide, lol)

this bread has 10 grams of fiber for two slices, it has 4 grams of fatand its mostly omega 3's and good fats from the healthiest food on the planet: hemp. THe bread also has 14 grams of protien ( complete protien) from the hemp, and only 26 grams of carbs. Not to mention its sprouted and a natural fermented sourdough, its basically a super food. they make all different types of real bread.

Your telling me that this is empty calories? and nothing but starch? check it out for your self.

The problem with bread isnt that empty calories, but that most "healthy" bread on the market has too much sugar, or is too refined and hits your blood sugar like crazy.
I am a bread addict. I constantly go back to the pantry to eat a piece of bread. Its bad because it adds up so quick. I tried to keep it in the freezer but 20 secs in the microwave isn't long enough to dissuade myself. I am just going to stop buying it. I need to learn self control first.
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I don't know about the weight loss/gain facts, but I don't eat very much bread because it makes me bloated. This goes for any kind of bread. If I go without it for a week, I can totally tell the difference.

I am trying to cut back on everything.  Monitoring everything I put on my plate, my mouth and/or in my tummy.  It is shocking to realize just how many carbs I was eating. 

I found finding whole graincrackers (serving size is like 17 of those l crunchy buggers), smart pop (good ole Orville make one especially for us!) and the whole grain bread by Pepprdige Farms that is cut thin so you get 3 slices for the price of 1,  (I have always loved bargains) helps me feel full.

From what I have read...carbs are good things, we need them. They are the fuel to burn calories and all of that get up and go we need.  Carbs are in fruits and veggies too.  If you are eating lots of fiber it cancels out the carbs kinda because our bodies work harder to break it down and that is what we want, to burn calories and the extra fat we are carrying.

The crazy part of is that we need carbs.  My thinking is I am bigger than them, and I will chose which ones I consume.  So I plan my whole eating stragedy around them and I am not afraid of them anymore.    

woohoo linda! it took me a while to get to where you are :) yea thats true, there is a lot of carbs in veggies, especially green ones like broccoli. Your body can extract all the carbs it need from veggies by itself, so my thinking is why should i give it more carbs than it needs?

OMGosh i know how you feel, i love bread, white, grainy, seedy. ANd we just got a new bakery up the street from me, ultimate horror! I also eat two slices of bread for brekky, then for lunch. But im gonna cut down my calories with a lower calorie bread by nature harvest, i think thats the name. I guess what you could do is find alternative meals that do not contain or require bread. Maybe even try whole wheat crackers. I enjoy Wheat and sesame by Blue Menu, part of President's choice.

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