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Always craving cereal...

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I have IBS and am lactose intolerant and am currently taking meds before I eat so I can digest the food I'm eating.  I've had a lot of trouble (a long flare-up) over the past 6 or so months and have limited the food I eat.  I have been feeling better but I am still only eating a small number of foods.  I cut out a lot of snack foods and as a result am eating cereal (dry and with soy milk) all the time.  I eat pretty healthy throughout the day but always am craving cereal.  Even after I eat lunch or dinner, I usually eat a cup or 2 of dry cereal for a snack.  Is there such a thing as eating too much cereal?  And how can I stop having these cravings, if there is a way?  

 I should say that the cereal I eat is healthy.  I buy Kashi and organic cereal and keep the amount of fat and sugar low.   

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I eat cereal ALL THE TIME!

i could eat it for the rest of my life; i eat it everyday!

Instead eat some cereal bars...

Special k-90 calories

or some fruit. take out cereal from your life for a week and that might help...


i eat cheerios[100 calories per cup] or Rice crispie cereal[120 calories per 1 1/4 cup]



Eating cereal makes me crave cereal later.  I dont currently eat it but it was a joke how when we'd buy a box, especially sweetened how it would disappear so fast. 

I dont crave it now, would like it but before I did crave and it would just get my blood sugar up (not from the sugar but the carbs) so when it came down, more cereal please.

You sound like you might be carb sensitive.  Id be concerned about the carb and fiber count.  My suspicion is if you went cold turkey the cravings would get under control.  You might be insulin resistant.  Ask yourself if you get like a physical 'lift' or high after eating them which could be blood sugar and may be why you keep being drawn back.  I envy those who can eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and not crave them afterwards.
i used to be the same way, and i agree with everything sun123 said. i just had to go cold turkey. its not that cereal is bad for you, but the calories add up VERY fast, and then you are depriving yourself of nutrients you need from other foods.
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