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Alternatives to olive oil?

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I cook everything in olive oil. But the amount of Calories in oil is scary. Is there a low Calorie oil, or do I just need to start using water or stock instead of oil?
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I was wondering the same thing,

i always use the smallest amount of olive oil to keep it as light as possible,

Help us!!
use the spray olive oil! it has 0.5cal per ml!
ok and why do you cook every thing in oil? try grilling! its amazing how much fat is already in food and it gets drained out when grilling food!

also try use non stick pans! its helps with veggies because then you can fry the veggies in their own juice!
After watching how they do it at the mongolian grill, I started cooking everything in water.  You can do just really need to watch it because water disappears faster than oil so you need to keep adding.  but yep...everything ends up nicely steamed minus the extra calories!

The taste might be a little different, but I actually prefer it w/o the oil flavor.
Cut out the oil. Seriously. You dont realise how much you dont need it until you try it
Try broths instead
What do you cook with it
Problem with cooking it is you can super-heat it and it can turn to a more dangerous fat. Plus super calorific
I dont use any oil. Ever. Intolerant of the stuff (in any more than 1/2 a tsp quantity) so i dedicate my eating to non oil and I just love food. I seriously dont miss anything bar the deep fried stuff, which i avoid anyway cos of health. Sometimes I wish i could have a bit of oil on salads etc. but I guess its a bit of a curse, a bit of a blessing
I generally stir-fry fresh veges in olive oil and add it to sauces for flavour. Since I was eating a meal of only veges (and rice noodles) I thought it was wonderully healthy and didn't realise how many Calories are in oil. I'll try cooking in a light broth/stock. I think I use olive oil more out of habit than for the taste, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

Thanks for all your suggestions.
I never use oil -- always use water. However, a little olive oil is supposed to be good for you. I'm aways being told I should use a couple tablespoons per day. 
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I used to work for a naturopath, he swore by coconut oil and I still use my 3 tbl a day.  You can heat it up more than olive oil for cooking but it is no good for salads or anything cold.  I know some people just eat it from a spoon or put it on toast but nope cant go there myself.  It has the same amount of calories as olive oil and personally I think everybody needs some oil regularly.  other than the 3 tbl everything I do pretty much goes into nonstick pans or water for steaming.
I've heard something about coconut oil being great for weight loss. I don't know -- probably more folklore ... ???
according to what I have heard and done some research on it is.  But what I like about it is that I have actually noticed that my skin and hair is so much healthier looking since I started using it and I don't get indigestion or heart burn from it. 
I've heard that about the skin and hair as well. So where do you buy this coconut oil? At the grocery? If anything I can use it on my body (hands/feet, even hair).
I buy mine at the health food store, but you can also get it online.  I havent seen any I think are good at the grocery stores yet.  I am sure they will get there eventually.
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i use terryakki or soy sauce whenever i cook it always works for me and i dont have to use any salt i just add a few herbs to season and ive always got a great meal, never had a complaint when i cook for others or the one time i had a chance to cater
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Well teriyaki and soy sauce are totally loaded with salt to the point that you wouldn't be able to tolerate adding any additional salt.

Regarding Coconut Oil:

1tbsp = 117 calories, all from fat.

13.6g total fat 11.8g saturated fat!

No protein or carbs.

To put that into context, even the fattiest 3 oz piece of beef only has 9g of saturated fat.

Using 3 tbsp of coconut oil a day is definitely too much, and provides you with 10g more saturated fat than most people need. 

Fat free chicken broth is a great way to cut fat when cooking, and keep flavor.  If you are a vegetarian, there are some good fat free veggie broths as well.  I've often noticed that I can use way less oil than a recipe calls for if I use a non-stick pan, and it still tastes good.
Coconut oil isn't the bugaboo that it was once thought to be, and you can read about it here:

However, it is still fat, so it should be used in moderation, just like olive oil, in my opinion.
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That site you linked to is essentially propaganda. But 1 tbsp every so often won't kill you either.

Olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, are the ones I use.  If you carefully measure and log you can keep track of the calories.  You need some fat in your diet to help you absorb some very important nutrients.  A little good fat will make your food more satisfying.  A serving of oil is 1 tablespoon.  I try for between 20% & 30% of calories from fat on the advice of my cardiologist

Don't be afraid of good fats!  Here's what the World's Healthiest Foods website says about olive oil spice&dbid=132

I've started using rapeseed oil (I think it's the same as canola oil in the USA), it's got much more of the 'god' fats in it.  I only ever cook with oil once or maybe twice a week at the most though.
i personally would rather use a little olive/canola oil then broth/soy/sauces ect because i find it's super easier to overdo sodium then it is to overdo fats for me.  it's good to have some healthy vegetable fats in moderation.  is there any other, more unhealthy fats/sugars you could cut out instead?
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