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Alternatives to donuts?

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I'm about 15 lbs overweight, and I started my weight loss program about three weeks ago.  I'm doing great...couting/cutting calories and exercising faithfully...I'm so committed, determined, and on the right track.  HOWEVER...I love donuts.  I've had no problem cutting out every other unhealthy, fatty, high-calorie food...but I still crave donuts!  Especially apple fritters ( fritters...).  Does anyone have any suggestions for a yummy sweet alternative along the same lines as these unhealthy temptations?
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If you love apple fritters, try baked apples.  Slice em, sprinkle em with cinnamon and Splenda (or sugar), drizzle with a little strawberry jam, and put em in the oven till they soften up.  Another good baked apple recipe I have calls for partial submersion in red wine during the baking process, yum!

ED: If you must have a donut, crullers are probably the best for you.  Not that they're good, but they're lighter than most, and lower-cal.
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I love donuts too! Hate to say it but I don't think there is a alterative to a tasty donut.  I learnt to eat half at a time instead of one full one. I am craving one.

There's timbits. 

now I want a donut.
Here in Canada we have what are called, "Timbits" which are donut holes (I'm sure you have them there).  If you just CANNOT get past the craving, at least have just a little itty bitty one, not a whole donut.  I find if I'm craving something consistently, it's best to just have a smidgen of it or I'll eat everything in the house trying NOT to.  (Then eat it anyways!)  Good luck!
oh oh!  get those splenda cinnamon rolls that Obsidyan was talking about! pretty close to a donut-y taste...maybe.
oh yeah.. they are soooo goooood!!!  by pilsbury.. mmmm.. they even have frosting on them!  ohh.. now i'm going to have to make them again sometime.. hehe
You all are just making me hungry!
Lol!  Thanks for all the suggestions so far!  I think one thing that we've ALL learned from this is that talking about them DOES NOT help! =)
You know what's really funny?  I've eaten more donuts since I've been counting my calories than I did in the whole year prior.

Before, I avoided donuts (which is the most perfect food, IMO) because I thought that was the "good" thing to do.  It didn't really help me because I just ate too much other stuff.

Now if I want a donut and they're around, I'll have half or less, if I feel like I really want it and log the calories.

Now I feel like I'm not deprived and eating responsible portions.  It's working for me.  But if donuts are a big trigger food for you and you can't stop, it might be best to avoid them completely.  The cinnamon apples sound good!
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