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Alternative to coffee creamer?

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I love my cup of coffee in the morning.  And, sometimes in the evening.  But, the only way I like it is with creamer.  I have been using Coffeemate's fat free kind.  But, I'm trying to go more all natural with my diet.  I have used Silk soy creamer in the past (when I was a vegan) and I did like it.  But, I'm not sure how natural and healthy that one is!

I've also tried reducing my creamer amount, but I've never been able to get used to it.  I just like my coffee with a creamer!


Any suggestions on a good product?

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Have you tried drinking a flavored coffee and using milk in it?

I drink a lot of coffee and was using 400+ calories worth of creamer a day so I decided to give it up. It took some time to adjust to the taste but now I love my flavored coffee and milk! I only use 1/4 cup or less of milk per cup so the calorie count is low compared to what I used to drink.

Last weekend, I accidentally took a sip of my husband's ultra-sweetened, creamed coffee and almost had to spit it out.

It's just an aquired taste so if you stick it out, you'll start enjoying it without the creamer.

You could use small amounts of whole milk, which has only 3.5% milk fat, compared to coffee cream (18%).

I have thought about that, but with recent discussions with a dietitian, I am finding that I might be allergic to milk and cheese? 

But, I will try your recommendation with Almond or soy milk.

I just love how creamer makes coffee's texture kinda creamy.  Does your coffee stay thin when you use milk?

I actually use unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my coffee. Yes, it does stay thin but I prefer that texture. Full fat dairy, especially 18% coffee cream, makes me a little stomach sick!

I always use fat free half and half in my coffee. It's low cal and quite filling. Not sure how natural it is, or how good it would be considering you might be allergic to milk. For flavorings, I like the sugar free torani syrups (especially in vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel).

I use regular half and half, organic, if I can get it.

However, if you think you have a milk allergy, almond or soy milk would be the way to go. 

No, it's not going to be the wonderful creaminess of half n half, but then most substitutes aren't.

I haven't tried it, but you might want to look into coconut milk creamer as well.

Almond milk is pretty good, especially the vanilla flavor.

Of all the brands of almond milk i've tried i hate all of them. I started making my own almond milk quite awhile ago and it's easy and tastes so much better than this artificially thickened, toasted nasty stuff even when it's flavored. You can't really beat homemade almond milk made with real raw almonds and then flavored with natural ingredients if you so choose. I use 1 cup of raw almonds soaked in 3 cups of distilled water for about 4 hours minimum or overnight, then put it all in the blender and blend it for about 2 full minutes, strain through a doubled cheesecloth and sweeten with agave nectar and a splash of real vanilla. No preservatives, no thickeners, nothing but awesome flavor and it's way cheaper, more nutritious and you know you that it doesn't have a bunch of strange chemicals in it.

learn to drink it black, or sweeten with a couple drops of flavored stevia. 

I needed to cut my creamer use in half to save calories. I refuse to give up my flavored creamer all together. I enjoy it too much. I went from 4 tbs for about 9oz of coffee to 2 tbs and then add a tbs of sugar free coffee syrup. That gives it the added sweetness it needs without the calories.

I also like the French vanilla coffee creamer and am having a hard time cutting back on it!

 What I found is just as good is stirring in a TSP of Maxwell House Cafe Instant Coffee Mix in whichever flavour.  I can have 3 cups of flavoured coffee for 70 Calories, 2.5g fat and 8g of sugar!  

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