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Almonds as snack

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How often can I eat almonds as a snack?  I usually pack about eight medium almonds in a ziploc in my purse in case I get held back from lunch with my job or I'm really hungry after work.  I have found that they are a good, quick filling snack that can tide me over.  According to the calorie counter here I estimated that eight almonds is about 80 calories, but I may be wrong.  Does anyone know how to figure out how many almonds is just enough?

Can I do this everyday without affecting my diet?  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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The book, "you are what you eat" says that almonds are full of essential fatty acids. These fats can help in weight loss, bizzarly!

I love allmonds too! Brazil nuts are good if you ever fancy a change :)


I eat 100 (18gr)-160 (28gr) calories worth of almonds everyday. Almonds actually been shown to assist in weight loss, not prevent it because they have good fats.
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good to know I can keep eating them as my snack!  mini13, you eat them everyday as a snack?  Have you noticed any change in your weight loss from this?  I'm going to trust you all and go for it because it is just so darn convenient.

I found a way to snack on almonds that I LOVE, but by accident. I asked my husband to pick up a package when he went by the store, and he said sure. He only looked down the baking aisle, so he bought me sliced almonds (wafer thin). I thought I would hate it, but I really love the crispy texture, and how far one serving stretches!

Nice, Vendi :) 

Anyway, if 24 almonds is a serving, an ounce, which is 160 calories... 8 whole almonds is about 55 calories, give or take.  I know the raw almonds on this site lists 22 almonds as an ounce, but I started weighing mine, and it's always at least 24 :)  And yeah, they're totally filling!  I pretty much eat a half-ounce every day as my mid-morning snack.  Om nom nom away!

You can eat as many almonds as you want, as long as you don't get so many excess calories that you start gaining weight.  Most people know when to stop before that happens, but some don't, so I can't just say "eat as many as you want!"

Yeah they're perfectly fine but I prefer cashews.. :D
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I buy the raw non salted in bulk at my grocery store...if you can find them in the bulk isle they are much more affordable too!

I have Blue Diamond snack packs of unsalted whole natural almonds in my cupboard and I have at least one or two packages a day for snacks as part of my 1250 calories a day. Each pack has about 17 almonds in it (18 gs.) and the package says it is 100 calories for each package.

The almonds take the edge off of any hunger I might be having and keep me going until meal time or until bed if it is late at night. I am still losing weight, while getting a lot of vitamin E, good fats and fiber, as almonds are high in fiber, so it keeps the whole system moving along nicely.

Substitute the calories in almonds for the calories in sugary snacks and you get a huge weight loss benefit.

Really! I bought a pack of almonds yesterday and wolfed it down within hours. The pack claims its 614kcals - ouch. But luckily I didn't overeat.

I find them so addictive so I'm kind of glad they're gone. Anyone else do? Is it me who just can't help herself?

I am also a huge fan of the 100-calorie pack almonds by Blue Diamond.  These are great for dieting because they monitor your calorie intake... or else I'd probably eat 50 nuts before I realized!

I like to eat these before or after a big workout.  They give you a boost of energy and keep you satiated. 

Also- almonds are supposed to aid in weight loss (but remember, it only works if you eat the appropriate portion size) - so buy the 100 calorie packs!

I eat some kind of nut product every day and I've been doing really well with my weight loss. I either eat almonds or cashews plain, sometimes with a little dark chocolate or dried fruit or I'll have some kind of nut butter in a sandwhich. I say, munch away!

I have Blue Diamond almonds everyday as part of my snacks for the work day. I find them very feeling. The carton says a 1/4 cup (not packed) is 170 calories....I could eat a whole cup sometimes because I love them so much!

I too have almonds almost everyday.  I started this when I started taking a night exercise class.  But as many as said I could eat a lot, so when I buy a can I bring them home and put them into snack size baggies 24 to a bag.  No more uncontrolled eating.  :)  But no cashews or mixed nuts, that would result in a horrendous binge, and I am not a binger, but I think I could make an exception in the case of cashews.  Innocent

I'm a fan of cashews & almonds as well. As long as you're balancing your nutrition I think you should be fine. Like many others that have replied, I cannot go a day without having a few nuts or some nut butter. Even if it's a bit in oatmeal or yogurt or a spread on some toast.

+++ I recommend pecans, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.  

I love raw almonds. When I was younger,  I used to crack them right from the shell and eat them. So good. I need to look into these 100 cal. packs. I need to change up my afternoon snack.

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The 100 cal packs are a great idea, but they never are anywhere near as fresh as canned ones with my experience.  Anyone else?

I don't get how almonds by themselves end up being filling. I eat 24g a day with an apple - one big bite of apple, two raw almonds. Tastes so freakin good and that leaves me feeling full.

I have the Blue Diamond Natural - Oven roasted- Vanilla bean ones =]


They come in this nifty container that measures out one oz servings for you on the bottle.

As someone else previously shows 1 oz to be 160 cals, at around 24 almonds/oz.


I got my co workers addicted to them!


I love almonds and they are addictive! I dont get how people find them filling though, I can easily munch down an oz or so and that would not fill me on its own. I usually add them to my cereal chopped up.

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