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Almond milk vs Soymilk vs Cocount milk

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Silk brand has a coupon on their website for their milk substitutes. I want to try one out for my cereal. I've had vanilla soymilk & it's good, but too calorie-high.  Would y'all recommend the coconut milk? Or the almond? Which flavor tastes good? (I like both almonds & coconut, so that's not an issue.)

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I don't like coconut milk. I love almond milk! I get the unsweetened and add a pinch of stevia if I'm in the mood for sweetness.

Unsweetened soy milk is my favorite though, it's higher in protein than either of the others. It's the sugar in the sweetened kind that adds all the calories. A cup of unsweetened only has 70 calories (still more than unsweetened almond or coconut, but for me the protein makes up for the few extra calories).

The vanilla coconut milk is good- just not by itself or with cereal. It adds a lot of flavor to oatmeal and smoothies though <3

I just tried coconut milk the other day and I think it is pretty vile.

Silk True Almond milk tastes amazing, in my opinion.  It's miles away from Almond Breeze (it actually tastes like almonds!).  I find it a little too sweet, but that's probably because I usually drink an unsweetened soymilk.  The protein content is negligible, but if that's not a concern for you, I'd definitely recommend it for its taste.

I love both coconut milk and almond milk, but I would recommend almond milk over the coconut. It has more flavor and it creamier IMO. Almond milk is so good, you don't even need to buy the sweetened kind and you can get unsweetened for 35cals a cup or original which is still low in cals (60 per cup)

try silk light soymilk. tastes the same to me and 1/2 the cals of their regular soymilk.

I've tried all but the coconut {bleck yuck don't wanna) and find that the original almond is my favorite. I originally used it as a more natural alternative to creamers and sugar in my coffee, and kind of fell in love with the nutty taste. i still do cows milk occasionally, but even alone the almond is amazing. The chocolate version is also the only one that doesn't leave me feeling slightly queezy, and actually tastes like a treat. 

I've tried soy milk (sweetened), almond milk (unsweetened vanilla), and coconut milk (unsweetened).

The sweetened soy milk was heavenly but is high calorie.

Unsweetened coconut milk, yuck.  If I had not paid $3.58 for that stuff, it would have gone down the sink.  Not a lot of taste there.  However, as one commenter said, it does add a nice creamy touch to oatmeal.  I also added some to my chai tea, and that was pretty good.

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is my favorite.  It's delicious with cereal, oatmeal, or even by itself.  Creamy with the slight natural sweetness of nuts and very low calorie.

i find that almond milk is pretty watery for my liking.  i'd recommend silk soymilk unflavored (the vanilla is higher in calories because it's extra sweet)

Looks like almond milk is the clear winner here. I know which coupon I'm printing out! Thanks everyone!

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I like the taste of Almond Milk more than Soy, have not had coconut yet....also enjoy rice milk as well. I unfortunately do not know the caloric content of either, it is one of those things that I would not pay attention too. 

Have you heard of HEMP is great....forgot who makes it but it is so nutritious and delicious and is the best source of OMEGA"S...especially 3.  Google it....comes in vanilla, sweetened and unsweetened...I love it.  Almond comes in second for me.

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