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Almond milk vs. 1% milk

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I just purchased my first carton of Almond milk.  I'm excited about it being only 60 calories for 8 oz.  But Now I'm worrying about the other benefits of milk.  The container of Almond milk claims to have double the calcium but when I compared it to the 1% has way less Protein....Any one have thoughts on this?  I figured I would use it in my morning smoothie as a way to cut calories and was pleasantly surprised with how nice it tastes.  So Almond or 1%?  

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It's up to personal preference. I will stick to my full fat milk when I have milk because I like the flavor. ;p

Deff a personal preference.. almond milk is fewer calories. I love almond milk because regular milk bothers my stomach EVERY TIME even though i am not lactose intolerant.. weird

I personally don't believe milk contains all the benefits everyone claims it does. Do some looking around about dairy in general. I stick to almond.

I LOVE the taste of almond milk, but ironically, it gives me gas while regular cow's milk does not. Weird, huh lol? It has a lot of vitamins, but it also contains very little protein, so I don't think you should replace cow's milk with it(unless you're vegan or lactose intolerant). Personally, I like almond milk an occasional treat :)

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did you buy unsweetened?  it only has 40 calories, not 60.

Milk has a lot of sugar so if you are watching carbs then almond milk will help a lot.  Make up the protein somewhere else, like greek yoghurt.

Just increase your protein by eating some extra protein rich food and you don't have to worry about it. I really like almond milk , even over cereal. 

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Stick with the Almond milk. You are probably getting enough protein elsewhere in your diet.

Our bodies are not designed to process cow's milk. As humans, we are the only species who continues to consume milk past childhood much less from a different species. Also let's not forget the hormones and antibiotics we are probably consuming in the cow's milk. I vote for the almond milk.

I drink the new Almond/Coconut Blend that is out now by Almond Breeze. LOVE.IT. The flavor is awesome, and the unsweet only has 45 calories for 1 cup, 45% of daily calcium, and lots of other vitamins. Try it, you won't be disappointed! I don't drink dairy milk at all, I just don't like the way it makes me feel, where with the almond/coconut, I have no problems digesting it at all!

I prefer non-dairy milk as well. I stopped dairy about 3 months ago, and have never felt better! I'm assuming you're not a vegan since you were drinking milk, in which case I would tell you not to be worried about the protein content. There are a lot of ways to get those 8g throughout the rest of your day.

I bought Almond Milk Vanilla last week for the 1st time 40 calories unsweetened. I use it to make smoothies. I love it. I don't like milk 1% 2% any form of the liquid. So Almond Milk is a great substitute for me.

MILK is DEAD food. They have pasteurized it and you don't get any benefits from it. If you watch KNIVES OVER FORKS one of the experts said NOBODY should drink milk. Unless it's raw milk. ;) The dairy industry wants you to believe milk is good for us. You can get your protein from other quality sources like whey, meat, fish, chicke, beans, vegetables, nuts, seeds. NYC Healthy Chick
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I just found an almond milk "So Delicious" that has 5g of protein per 8oz. serving with the same calorie and sugar count. I bought it at Walmart where I almost never shop but my 6 year old wanted some vanilla milk and we were there.
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I just found an almond milk "So Delicious" that has 5g of protein per 8oz. serving with the same calorie and sugar count. I bought it at Walmart where I almost never shop but my 6 year old wanted some vanilla milk and we were there.

I just love almond milk in my smoothies and I add a scoop of whey protein and there's your protein! More than milk with just one scoop.  Worth trying! Delicious! 

I started using Almond milk about two years ago.  I find it easier on my stomach (I'm not lactose intolerant, either), and more versatile.  I buy Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened with only 45 calories.  I use it in baking, and anytime a recipe calls for milk.  

How does the Almond Milk compare with Soy Milk?

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Add some protein in a since of a shake or add some chai seed which may have a little protein in them and is good for you

definitely almond for me, being lactose-intolerant..i second the unsweetened preference, it's 35-40 calories, and if you're worried about the protein, add in some silken tofu or greek yogurt!

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