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Almond Milk... went bad??

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Hi there everyone.  I'm a first-year college student and the mini-fridge isn't very big in my dorm room, so I've been drinking low-fat vanilla almond milk rather than dairy milk because I can store it out of the fridge until I open it.  So I had maybe 3 cartons of almond milk sitting around for a week and then I finally opened one last night and put it in the fridge for the morning since my last one ran out.

I poured it on my cereal as usual but then noticed that my cereal was tasting distinctly sour!  So I took a little gulp of just the milk by itself, and I was repulsed!  It tasted so sour and terrible! 

Mostly, I am confused here.  I thought almond milk couldn't go bad.  There is a "best if used by" date on the carton but it is for late next year, so that can't be it!

Does anyone have any idea how or why my almond milk was so sour?

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Oh my Goodness --- was the "best by" date on your 9 jul 2009????

I ask because I had two from that batch that were bad -- I'm afraid to open the other two.

It has to be the batch -- because I've had this stuff in my car (other best by dates) throughout the summer and I've had no problems with it at all.

I just wish I remember which store I purchased it from....

Nah mine were June 6th 2009... but still, I opened the other one that I still had left that was with it, and it tasted sour too! But up till now they've all been okay.  Grr.  I hate wasting money and now I'm afraid to go buy more just in case they're bad too!

I've never tried almond milk but it would make sense that it could turn sour easily. Almonds are high in fat and fat can go rancid if not refrigerated. But you should be able to get your money back because it soured before the expiration date.

That's really strange.  I often keep Almong Milk on my shelf for up to a month and haven't had any problems.  Was it in any contact with any heat?  I agree with coach_k - it's gotta be the batch.

Wow - I've kept Almond Milk in my cupboards for months!

That's really strange.  Maybe there was a tiny puncture in the box, and oxygen got in and started to rot it.

That's never happened to me before.

I just sent an email to the customer service for Blue Diamond.  I was wrong about the Best By date -- it is 11 Jul 2009, regardless, I have three more cartons that I am "afraid" to open....  and it is not cheap stuff, as we all know

Is it possible that you bought unsweetened vs. sweetened and that's the difference in taste? I've never heard of it going bad.

I don't know about the OP's -- but mine was chunky, so I didn't even taste it.  It had been well shaken  and I generally rotate my storage (turn them over every couple of weeks), so that was not the reason. 

The carton I opened previously, and the carton I opened after opening the two bad ones were fine (different lot number, different "best by" dates).

Oh, I only buy unsweetened -- because I only use it on cereal and in smoothies -- there is also a 50 cal difference, so I check Laughing.

Mine was chunky after being shaken as well... but I figured it was a fluke or something and went right ahead and poured it on my cereal. :-P 

It was the unsweetened kind, which is what I had been buying, but that is a good suggestion.

I guess I'll be taking them back - I still have the receipt. :D  It was on sale, so maybe something was funky about that bunch and they wanted to get them off the shelves...

Definitely return those.  I've stored them in a cupboard at work or home for several months with no adverse effects.  I've also left them in my car for several hours again without any ill effects.  Between the manufacturer and the store they'll figure out whatever works.  Don't worry if you don't know which store you got it from, just take it in without the receipt and ask for an exchange.  I think the manufacturer ends up eating the cost which is appropriate since their product went bad.

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Hi, there!  I've had boxes of almond milk and rice milk go bad way before the use by date, and I realized that the little pull tab that covers the opening was slightly open.  So they had been exposed to oxygen in the pantry when I thought they were still tightly sealed.  I started checking the little tabs before I bought them, and that helped.  It is such a bummer to buy something pricey and have it go bad before you use it!

The customer service rep said it was likely the milk was frozen somewhere between packing and us -- she also said not to drink it.... 

So, be aware that you don't want to freeze the cartons (not that many of us would, on purpose)


By the way, I just received coupons for 5 free cartons of Almond Breeze and 5 coupons for $.75 off two cartons -- as a result of my "inquiry/complaint" to Blue Diamond about the milk that went "chunky"

Glad to know Blue Diamond has great customer service :) I've never had a container go sour on me, but I'm def going to start checking tabs upon purchase. I am also a unsweetened vanilla almond breeze buyer.

By the way, I just received coupons for 5 free cartons of Almond Breeze and 5 coupons for $.75 off two cartons -- as a result of my "inquiry/complaint" to Blue Diamond about the milk that went "chunky"

I was going to recommend calling them.  The majority of companies will make good, sometimes better for your inconvenience. 

More like bitter.  And only 3 days after the best by date.  I had used almost the entire carton.  It was fine a few days ago.


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