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All of a sudden meat is disgusting

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So over the past couple weeks, meat has become gross to me.  The thought of eating it (any kind) does not sound good.  If I look past that and try to eat it, it kind of repulses me.  Has this happened to anyone else?  What could be causing it?  I'm sure it will pass eventually, but in the meantime do I need to be worried about getting enough protein? 
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Not if you make sure to include enough beans, dairy, nuts, soy or tofu in your diet, you don't need to worry about protein. :)

No idea what caused it, but we DO have a thriving vegetarian community here :)

I know a vegetarian who has been so for years precisely because of the emotional reaction to the thought of eating meat (an animal's flesh, after all). Invest in a good veggie cookbook. Pulses, soy, eggs and dairy products are excellent sources of protein and I doubt you'll have any problems getting enough protein.  


I'm not vegetarian myself but I do aim to eat meat free several times a week and there are some fabulous meatless recipes out there that knock the spots off a steak.


Thanks guys.  You certainly helped me feel a little less weird...
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you're not weird..i think it's the conditioning that all of us (me too!!) acquired from the CC diet, exercise, and all that.. plus reading all the forums in here. don't worry, i myself haven't eaten any meat (not even chicken) for about two weeks now!! and if u haven't posted this thread, i wouldn't even realize that ive been avoiding--no, im not avoiding,.. because i'm totally thinking of eating and meat just never comes into my mind at all!! i think it has become part of the lifestyle change or a habit or something. it's a good thing, i think. just don't forget to eat your daily proteins.. (=

I had a friend who experienced the same thing and then found out she was pregnant.  Any chance?

I eat some meats but can't stand the thought of eating greasy beef (I tend to avoid beef in general), like in hamburgers... YUCK. I saw an advertisement, I think for Wendys, it had a picture of a sourdough burger--the ENTIRE thing was dripping in grease!!!!! They were going for a "sizzling" look, I think. Even the bread was shiney with grease!!!!

Ok, I'm done spazzing...
Some people choose to find meat disgusting to eat. I mean come on, consider for a moment where it comes from. Over all, Americans consume way too much protein anyway and end up burning it instead of carbs, which is a little screwed up.
You do not need meat for protein, what you need is the proper amino acids (if you needed meat to build muscle, cows would be in trouble). A combination of legumes and other veggies can provide humans nicely with those acids. In fact the combination of beans and corn makes a complete amino acid.
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