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All Natural Ground Peanut Butter

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I was wondering what the serving size and calorie amount for all natural peanut butter is? Not the type in jars at the grocery store, but the kind that you can find freshly made in health stores and some grocery store delis.

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Honestly, there's probably no way to determine that. I'd personally make an estimate using a jarred all natural brand's calorie content.

there shouldn't be a significant amount of calories in all natural peanut butter actually... the advantage of natural pb i'd think, is the lower salt and sugar content as opposed to the store bought varieties!

It's just ground peanuts, and salt if they add it. It has plennnnnnnty of calories, and not that many fewer than big brands. In fact, my natural peanut butter is 210/2 tbsp and Jif is something like 190/2 tbsp. Whatever filler they use in store brands must have fewer cals than just plain ground up peanuts!

I'd go with serving size, 2 tbsp for 200-210 cals. If you weigh your food that's around 32 grams.


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According to, it contains 188 calories per 2 Tablespoon serving.  I was wondering, too, as I buy my peanut butter fresh ground at a country store.

Crazy Richard's natural PB (no salt) is just peanuts -- nothing added -- I believe it's 190 per 32g richards-100-percent-natural-i129391

Most of them run for about 190 for 2 TBSP. I got Nature's Promise all natural peanut butter (it's just peanuts) and it's 190/2 tbsp.

I would suggest simply using roasted peanuts (nutrition/gram)  to calculate fresh ground peanut butter.  Nothing is added, so the peanut butter is the same as what I swallow after chewing peanuts.  (perhaps that is too graphic)

About the same as normal pb. About 100 cals per tbsp.

Mine which I buy at the store and the ingredients are 100% peanuts is 200 cals/2 tbsp, the same as my non-natural PBs.

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