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What alcohol has the least calories??

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I just want to know what alcoholic drink has the least amount of calories? It can be hard or soft. I prefer something hard that will get me drunk faster so that I wouldn't have to consume a whole lot of calories. I haven't drunk since last year. Im yearning to go out and I wanna kno whats the best thing to drink. Help please??

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A shot of hard liquor is only 64 calories - of course, that's pretty hard to swallow for most.
Pair the hard liquor (like rum) with diet coke.

Depends how hard core you are about going low cal here

I personally really like vodka & diet tonic w/ a twist of lime.  basically about 64 cals depending on how much vodka you put in!

I also really like bloody mary's.  I make mine w/ about an ounce of vodka (64cal), one small can of tomato juice (30cal), twist of lemon, dash of tobasco, and some celery salt.  Fairly low calorie for a delicious and filling drink :)

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Vodka shots chased w/ crystal light
Vodka shots with Crystal Light chaser is my drink of choice

Alcohol is all the same...about 70 calories an ounce.  Drinks with more or less calories, have more or less alcohol in them, or non alcholic ingredients in them like sugar.  The best and cheapest way to get drunk with the fewest calories, is straight alcohol in the form of rum, vodka, gin etc. because it has no added calories from sugar, hops, barley etc.

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