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Ever since i've started to properly calorie counting i havn't been out on the drink.
I think it's the real test.
i don't think i'd be able to have a good time and get drunk as i'd be so wrapped up in how many calories i'm consuming in each drink im knocking back. And i really used to enjoy my drink!!

Anyone else have this problem?
Any suggestions on say lo-cal alcohol?

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oh YES me too.  plus the types of foods they have when you go out could kill you :)  There are some low cal margaritas you can make at home, and when I'm out i'm always one to order a diet coke and vodka.  Either way you slice it, a shot (1 shot) will run you 95 calories.
the thing is, im gonna have to know like the day before i go out now so i can have very low cal food throughout the day so i can enjoy my night out!! ahh!!
No, I still pretty much love drinking just as hard as I did before.
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Hey katydalt

Yeah, it's tough to continue partying and lose weight as well. I have tried and failed many times in the past. A couple of years ago I changed my drink of choice to gin and club soda. 1 shot of Gin, vodka and most hard liquors is around 65 calories. There are no calories in club soda, so it's the least caloric drink you can have. I add lime or lemon to mine.

My problem was eating while I was drunk or the next day, which seems to be worse for me. Luckily, I have partied myself out after 10-ish years so I usually only go out to drink heavily once in a while.
If i'm already out drinking....WHO CARES ABOUT CALORIES?!?  honestly...if you drink every weekend i could see you caring about calories, but if you go to the bar once in a while and dance all night like me...what does the calories really matter...half the time you dance them off...and if they didn't come off with the dancing on the floors, the dancing under the sheets after the bar will definitly help!
I love beer!! So, you know..Thats a problem...
i keep my cals low throughout the day so I have extra to spare on drinks. I hit hte bar last week and this week and went down 2 pounds still. So long as you are stricter the other days it's been okay. There are quite a few beers that are under 100 cals
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I have this problem, i can't go out without feeling guilty about the calories im consuming in alcohol and usually end up subconciously sabotaging the night, being horrible to everyone, binging whilst/prior to drinking.

The reality is if I just drank and forgot about the cals i'd consme about 400 extra cals in alcohol (which I burn off extra at the gym anyway) but the guilt causes me to consume at least 1500 in 'bad' foods afterwards.
I understand why I do it but just can't seem to address it.

p.s. vodka and diet coke: 51 cals per drink
try vodka & diet ginger ale

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The calories in distilled alcohol(gin, vodka, whiskey, rum) are depedant on the proof. Higher proof means a few more calories. I realize the caloric difference in 40, 60 and 80 proof alcohols but if you drink more then one in the night, the extra calories can add up.

I know way too much about booze :P
You'll lose more weight if you don't drink at all, but if you change everything else in your diet (to eat less) and keep your drinking the same, you will still lose, it just won't be as quickly. I go out 1 day per week now, as opposed to the 2 or 3 I used to go out. And I only drink vodka and soda now as opposed to higher calorie drinks.
When I was on that other plan WW, I used to drink my exercise points. <Giggle> No aerobics, no alcohol. 
I heard that Rum and Diet Coke is the lowest calorie drink =T
seriously?! vodka and diet coke - 51 cals per drink??

are you kiding?
im drinking that when im next out!!
A 51 calorie vodka drink only has about a half shot. Vodka is about 100 calories per shot.
Hmm, when 100 cals isn't too bad.
Im still gonna go with the diet coke.

Its better than my normal Smirnoff Ice, which has got to be packed with un-needed calories.
ive seen that rum is about 65 cals per shot
Be careful cutting too many calories on nights that you know you will drink heavily...I found this out last weekend...after three drinks at a show I had to drink water the rest of the night because the alcohol hit me so hard. - it is more bang for the buck though. IO know now to drink water between each drink to not get too drunk too fast. '

No one likes a sloppy drunk no matter how thin and cute they are.
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There are 50 calories in 25ml of vodka, which is a british shot/a single measure, plus the diet coke = 51 cal per drink, whoever put that this was wrong actually scared  the s *** out of me and made me think that for all this time i had been counting wrong!
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