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So, I'm leaving for the vacations, and I've ordered a "Low Fat" meal for my flight. I'm so curious to see what they put in! Any one have any experiances?

(Traveling in Economey on Singapore airlines)


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Well I flew united and Korean Airlines in December and also ordered low fat. If I remember correctly it was some kind of fish thing with veggies. I think next time I go for "regular" stuff, it looked more appetizing. lol

Not sure if it's because of traveling or change of time zones, or food, but I was starving all the time. I ate on the plane, and on stop overs (on the way back). lol Good thing I  brought some Bitter Sweet chocolate (ones sold in pound bars in Trader Joes). They provided an excellent snack on the way to Thailand so I didn't have to buy food on the way there.


I ordered a Seafood Meal on China Airlines last December and got grilled fish with veggies for one meal and seafood pasta for the other. All I can say is that it was delicious. My seatmates were all staring at my food enviously. If your airline has the Seafood Meal option, I strongly recommend you order it!

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Here's an article on airplane food: rplane-eats-exposed-an-hg-survival-guide-to-g uilt-free-travel-treats;_ylt=AhGHu23JFrDdol.x caiNeKxmY.Y5

Personally, I would just bring my own food...

Good luck with that on a 21 hour flight with multiple lay overs.


I will also be taking a long flight with Singapore Airlines in a few weeks so I am interested in hearing how you find your low fat meal.


Enjoy your trip!


If you go to that website you can check out Singapore Airline's food in photos!!!

Thanks for all the links! The Hungry girl one was really help-ful. My parents and brother took the seafood meal...but I'm not much of a fan for fish. Thanks for the help!

ha,  i am such a lame cook and too cheap to pay to go out to eat, that i actually look forward to airplane food,  i was always getting the veg meal, but now i have found on my delta flights its usually chicken or pasta,  my veg meals were pretty bad then,  but i have had some really good ones, and when you get the veg meal you get fruit,  sure 2 grapes but its better than that mini dessert staring at you begging to be finished.

singapore airlines' food is very good. their menus are accommodating too. have a good trip!

I agree, omonica.  Singapore Airlines has the best food I've ever had on an airplane.  And was very accurate in their descriptions!  Have a great time!

Thanks! I got a list of meals avaliable:

  • Kosher Meal: Pre-packed and sealed; contains meat
  • Muslim Meal: No alcohol/pork/ham/bacon
  • Hindu (Non-Vegetarian) Meal: No beef, veal, pork, smoked or raw fish but can contain other types of meat.
  • Vegetarian Meals:
  • Raw Vegetarian Meal: Only raw fruits and vegetables
  • Vegetarian Oriental Meal: No meat or seafood of any sort; can contain dairy products; cooked Chinese-style
  • Vegetarian Indian Meal (non-strict): No meat of any sort; can contain dairy products; cooked Indian-style
  • Vegetarian Jain Meal (strict; suitable for Jain): No meat of any sort; no onion, garlic, ginger and all root vegetables; cooked Indian-style
  • Western Vegetarian (non-strict; ovo-lacto): No meat of any sort; can contain dairy products; cooked Western-style
  • Vegetarian Vegan Meal (strict): No meat of any sort; no dairy products; cooked Western-style
Medical Meals
  • Bland Meal: No "irritants" (e.g. black pepper, chilli powder, caffeine, cocoa, alcohol)
  • Diabetic Meal: No sugar; limited salt
  • Fat Free Meal: No fats, fried food and dairy products; preferred cooking styles are poaching and boiling
  • Fruit Platter Meal: Fresh fruits only
  • Gluten Free Meal: No wheat, rye, barley, oats in any form
  • Low Sodium, No Salt Added Meal: Avoid naturally-salted, sodium-added processed foods (e.g. Baking powder, soda, MSG); no salt added during preparation
  • Low Calorie Meal: Limited fats, sauces, gravy and fried items; limited sugar-rich items
  • Low Fat/Cholesterol Meal: No animal fats but poly-unsaturated fatty acids allowed; limited fats, sauces, and gravy fried items; no butter, cream, whole milk cheese; only lean meat allowed
  • Low Fibre/Residue Meal: Limited fibrous items (e.g. fruit, legumes, vegetables, wholegrain products)
  • Non-Carbohydrate Meal: No starch and carbohydrates in any form
  • Non-Lactose Meal: No lactose and dairy products (e.g. milk, milk solids, casein, cheese, cream, butter, margarine)
  • Soft Fluid Meal: Mainly sieved, soupy items
  • Semi Fluid Meal: Mainly pureed, minced, easily digestible items (e.g. pureed vegetables, potatoes, fruits, minced, homogenized meat, porridge, congee)
  • Ulcer Diet Meal: Contains easily digestive plain poached/broiled foods (e.g. white meat, fish); no acidic food and fruits
  • Nut Free Meal: Please contact our Reservation Office for the necessary arrangement
Infant and Child Meals
  • Baby Meal: Suitable for infants less than 1 year old; 1 jar each of main course, vegetables, and dessert
  • Post-weaning Meal: Suitable for infants between 1 and 2 years old; more substantial than Baby Meal; easy to bite, chew and digestible
  • Child Meal: Suitable for children between 2 and 7 years old; less substantial than adult meal; easy to bite/chew with items attractive to children
Other Meals
  • Seafood Meal: Meat used must be fish/other seafood only
  • Japanese Meal: Available in Suites and First Class and from Singapore and selected routes only

Which one would YOU take?

Japanese Meal, he he.

The seafood one looks nice, also the Indian but it's because I like Indian food. :)


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If you go to that website you can check out Singapore Airline's food in photos!!!


I'm going to China in 2 days with Continental I know that the food will be awful on the economy class and that I should skip the croissant haha! (highest grade was a 4/10 lol)

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