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Air- Popped Popcorn Toppings...

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I love air popped popcorn plain, but i want to put some flavorings on it too (they don't all have to be low cal and healthy, though).  I try spraying it with non- stick spray, but i find I have to use an awful lot to make seasonsings stick.  Is there another way?

I saw someone mentioned putting hot sauce on theirs- i had a recipie for buffalo stlye popcorn that was in my instruction manual, so i thought it'd be good.  I made the sauce and put it on the popcorn, and immediately the popcorn shriveled up- what gives?

What great ideas have you guys found to experiment with?
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i like cinnamon and splenda:)

or garlic powder and parmesan


a 200 calorie snack: a 100cal pack of butter popcorn mixed with 100 cal pack of m and ms!
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i second splenda and cinnamon :D YUM

black pepper

curry powder

hot chocolate powder

tobasco sauce

My son loves Taco Seasoning the packaged kind.

I like Parmesan cheese. 

Cinnamon for sure, and I definately have to buy more splenda. I'm also thinking about trying pumpkin pie spice on top of my 100 calorie pack of kettle popcorn....weird? i think it sounds delish!
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For a classic taste, add salt and splenda. Mmmm.

I also like honey. But that is so not low cal. 


I just started doing this 2 days ago. But I make a 100cal pack of porpcorn in the mirowave then dip the popcorn into a sugar free chocolate pudding cup.  A whole bunch of healthy chocolate popcorn for 160cals.


I use "I can't believe it's not butter" spray and toss the popcorn with a mixture of parmesan cheese and Emeril's essence creole seasoning. 
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