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Adding Spice (hot sauce) without the salt help

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So I love spicy foods and used to drown everything I ate in hot sauce (frank's). But when I bothered to check the label I realized it was loaded with sodium (1 tsp = 200mg). Needless to say I was using a lot more than 1 tsp - and that was in addition to the salt I ate in everything else. So I've cut back on my hot sauce intake and while my stomach lining probably prefers this I do not.  Anyone know of any hot sauces that are lower in sodium? Or is this just the way of the tobasco? What a cruel thing to do to me. :(

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you could just buy crushed red pepper and blend it with vinegar and a bit of water and add  cayenne pepper, maybe a habanero pepper, and just make your own. it would be really spicy though. you can roast the pepper even for more depth and a bit more flavor. 

Add some crushed red pepper flakes, or make your own salsa- fresh tomatoes, onions, jalepenos, cilantro, green chilies- whatever you like. Mrs. Dash Hot & Spicy is sodium-free, too, and pretty good! Or, something I have tried before- look at the ingredients in your favorite sauce, and try to make a healthier version yourself- omit some salt, or butter or whatever you can to make it healthier.....

Try making your own.  Franks is great but it does have a lot of sodium.  If you are only having a tsp a day I wouldn't worry about the sodium unless  you have high blood pressure.   Frank's only has 5 ingredients and you can make a pretty good imitation of it at home, but without all the salt it doesn't taste quite the 

I can't imagine what I use to use with Franks (probably far more than 1 tsp). Needless to say I keep a bottle at all three places I work and two at home (what if I ran out without realizing it!! lol).  But because of the sodium I really did cut it back. 

And it's good to know that it's not going to taste the same without all the added salt.  I did make pasta last night and added a bunch of red pepper flakes to the sauce  - wow was that spicy! That made Franks taste like sugared water. 

So yes, moderation of the franks is my key and I might try making my own version ... have to see how it goes (minus the salt of course) - and maybe it's partially a wash because I never add salt to any food I cook, so the only salt I get is what's already in the foods I eat.

As soon as I saw that you used Franks I assumed you were from the Buffalo area.   Which you are!  I didn't understand the obsession with Franks in this area when I moved here, but I now understand.

The problem is that Franks has a lot of flavor, but not a whole lot of spice.  So just making your food spicy isn't going to help.

Maybe you could try making your Franks spicier so that you use less of it, but still get the flavor.  Add more vinegar and cayenne?

About the salt, I think salt gets a bad rap.  We need salt to survive and not enough salt can cause problems too.  I rarely eat anything out of a can or box or package so I usually add salt when cooking or at the table.  People think I use a lot of salt because they see me shaking it on all the time but I've measured my salt intake over a period of months and it was around 1500mg/day because most of it is added salt.   The real problem with salt is in the packaged foods and if you don't eat much of that I wouldn't worry about the salt in Franks Red Hot, unless you're eating a 1/4 cup a day or something like that.  Even a tbsp a day is 600 mg of sodium and your RDA is a lot higher than that.

Yep, Buffalonian here :)  And yah, Franks isn't necessarily the "spiciest" thing out there. I've definitely had some sauces that were far more intense. But the flavor is quite addicting lol.  I've also never measured how much I put on but I'd say the average sandwich would get 3 - 4 shakes of the bottle. Sauces ... probably a good deal more because I can't see it.

What I might do (in response to johnnypenso) is for 1 week really count my sodum intake. Maybe it's not as high as I think it is. The only salt I get is from what I eat - I never add any (of course, who knows what they do at a restaurant).  But yah, something to actually look at before I freak out over my Franks addiction.

*waves to fellow Buffalonian* Laughing

I too share the Frank's Hot Sauce love and put it on everything (omelets, cucumbers, wraps, sandwiches, mac and cheese, etc.). I just thought I'd let you know that Tops makes hot sauce that tastes VERY similar to Frank's, but only has 130 mg salt per tsp. It probably doesn't sound like a huge difference, but if you use a lot of it, it might.

My bf is a native Buffalonian and will actually boycott the few restaurants that don't have it.  I have actually started buying the jug size for him because he goes through the bottles so quickly.

I have to admit that it does have an addicting flavor that is good on just about everything.  I love mixing it with ketchup - which doesn't really help the sodium issue.


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