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Just curious about the foods/beverages that people are addicted to.

Mine is definetly salt. Well its a toss up between salt and alcohol.

Ok i'm addicted to both.

Whats your's?

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Carbs, carbs, carbsss...

And sugar, I have a killer sweet tooth.

peanut butter,  cereals, and spinich

peanut butter, cereal, and icecream.

anything chocolate or baked




= basically a diet that makes me fat

I agree with everyone - caffeine - alcohol - carbs - salt

Bad bad bad....

diet coke definitely, coffee and gum


Cereal, carbs, and caffeine!

Salt (can eat it by the pound) and caffeine (drink coffee until the heart jumps out of my chest).

No willpower over these two demonsFrown

SALT and any other food containing an unhealthy amount of sodium pickles, sauerkraut, popcorn COATED in salt and then dipped in salsa, mustard on everything especially boca burgers. YES I HAVE A SALT ADDICTION!! haha I also use an unhealthy amount of splenda, but i can't help it I live in Minnesota and it's cold so I HAVE To drink a lot of coffee and it must contain 2 packets of splenda (per cup and I have like 10 cups a day) and a little bit of soy milk and SF vanilla syrup (which also has splenda...) yep it's bad. If they had Rehab for salt and splenda addiction i'd be first in line...

CARBS....butter.....salt (baked goods.....OHHHHH MY)

Used to be Diet Soda too....pretty much kicked that. Have one every now and again, but not like the 5 a day that I was drinking in the Summer.

hmm definetely cheese...and possibly plain yogurt. I have them every single day and feel off if I dont

Peanut butter and Chocolate

Alcohol, unfortnately.  And other deadly things.  :(

Other than that.  I don't know.

Original Post by vegetarian_in_a_tutu:

Alcohol, unfortnately.  And other deadly things.  :(

Other than that.  I don't know.

 I'd have to agree. It sucks doesn't it?

Alcohol is one of mine too.  I also love any kind of chip...thats why I cant keep them in the house.  I can eat an entire bag and not even realize it. 

peanut butter, def

Eeh... Diet Pop, and Sparkling Water...

I can seriously finish off a case (12 cans) of Diet Soda within a day... pretty pathetic. Basically, any calorie free beverage (that tastes REALLY good) is my addiction)

As far as foods, Greek Yogurt and Vitamuffins are surely additctions, as well as Protein Shakes. Ofcourse, these are expensive as **** too Embarassed

salt! i get cravings for Mcdonald's fries, cashews, tortilla chips, pretzels, crackers and i have to really not buy the stuff so i can control myself...

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