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how do you add more calories without more fat??

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I just started on green smoothies today (I am not vegetarian or vegan but I like the smoothies).  I add ground flax seeds and virgin coconut oil to my smoothies for added health benefits, but they make up all of my fat grams for the day!  I'm getting all my fruit and veggie servings for the day in my smoothies.  I thought about adding an open-faced lean turkey and chickpea spread sandwich on wheat toast (in between breakfast and dinner of green smoothie) but that is still not enough calories!  Does anyone have any ideas on healthy, low-fat or non-fat calories??  I don't want my body to go into starvation mode, but I don't want to consume too many fats.  Thanks!!
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hmmm... i'd get rid of the coconut oil, and only put in a serving of flax.

get the rest of your daily fats from other sources included in your diet.

it's always good to have variety. and if you feel you still need more fats, have you thought about taking a quality fish-oil supplement?
fruits and juices 

dehydrated fruit it really good too. like candy..yum
You could add a salad to your sandwich or cup of soup, I know minestrone is very low in fat as are several others.  Even if you already have your recommeded veggies in, I think more veggies would be better than empty sugary stuff, salads are low if you use fat-free cheese and dressing (or balsamic vinegar) with some tofu or hard boiled egg whites, dried cranberries. 
dagicat - virgin coconut oil actually helps make you leaner and is a powerful anti-fungal, which is great for people like me who have systemic candidiasis.
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