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What do you add to your cream of wheat?

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Im trying different alternatives to oatmeal. I just get sick of it after a while. So I am trying Cream of Wheat. I got a variety pack and there are 3 packs of the original. The only thing that I can think of is to add honey and some cinnamon. what eles can I add to it?

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I think pretty much the same stuff you add to oatmeal. Personally, I like to put margarine/butter and brown sugar in my CoW. YUM!

oh I just remembered I have light butter at work. I can add that and some cinnamon.

I like to add blackstrap molasses for iron.  It's one of few places it actually tastes good!  Milk and even a couple scoops of yogurt gives hot cereal a nice creamy texture and makes it more filling too.

It's one hot cereal I like plain, sweetened with anything I like. Sometimes I cook it in half milk/half water.  It's real comfort food and it's best if you take the time to cook it the old fashioned way, in my opinion.

I was just wondering this myself!! I heard so much about how pumpkin puree tastes good in oatmeal (haven't tried it yet), and I was wondering if that could apply to my Farina, too. But, definitely try stirring in a few fresh blueberries...they sort of melt and turn the cream of wheat purplish, but its delicious.

I had my first bowl of the cinnamon swirl from quaker and I love it! The flavor is similar to the oatmeal but I dont get sick of it after awhile and I like the consistancy. I think I will like the original w. just a little honey added. Yea i want to add fruit. Do you think banana's would be good in this? I have 4 banana's tha I need to use.

I put yogurt on my oatmeal -- usually vanilla.  I love it -- might be good on cream of wheat too.

fat free carnation evaporated milk, or sugar free preserves (I like Smuckers the best)

I added a teaspoon of Pb and a teaspoon of cherry jam.  Yummy.  I just switched from oatmeal to cream of wheat this morning!  I was wondering if cream of wheat would be good with a little parm cheese sprinkled on top to make it savory instead of sweet.  I might give it a try.  Maybe add an over easy egg on top? That could be good. 

maybe scrambled eggs on top w. a little fat free cheese and some turkey bacon crumbled into it. hmmm. even though I just got done w. lunch im hungry. lol

Marshmellows are fantastic in cream of wheat!

Ok, this is a bit different. I have never been a fan of breakfast or most breakfast foods. So this is what I do to my cream of wheat.


I make it very thick, and add a little bit of spaghetti sauce, some garlic powder, some basil, oregano, and if I have it, a little bit of parmaseon cheese.

It tastes like it is so much more than it really is!


i know this sounds really weird, but i like to add one of those single serving packets of sugar free vanilla pudding mix.

Original Post by oxsunrisesunset:

i know this sounds really weird, but i like to add one of those single serving packets of sugar free vanilla pudding mix.

That doesn't sound weird, that sounds yummy actually! I think I'll try that next time I make CoW. Thanks for the idea :)

That sounds way good!! I usually sweeten mine with Sweet n Low! a little butter and milk. Coffee creamer is always good on it!!!

I think I am going to add honey and a coffee creamer to my original and try that out. Im sure I will like it plain. I really like CoW. Its deff my new breakfast cereal. It keeps me full until my morning snack and its really low cal.

raisins raisins raisins! oh did I mention raisins? I actually cook the cream of wheat/ farina with the raisins... so yummy and sweet! sometimes I think I have more raisins than cream of wheat.. opps!

cinnamon and splenda = awesomeness every time

I dont like raisins but I will try it with craisins next time.

1 tbsp of apple butter or a spoonful of any jam or jelly (make sure to add when hot so it melts in)

I would imagine that my practice of slicing up a banana into it while it cooks and mashing it in along with some cinnamon would work as well with CoW as it does with oatmeal.

I actually only usually have milk on my cream of wheat.  I did add maple syrup once to make my own maple brown sugar flavor.


Add whatever you think will taste good :P

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