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Zumba Core (Wii) Calories

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Hi, I recently purchased Zumba Core for Wii. It came with a belt that you place around your hips with the Wii remote to measure calories. I did a medium intensity workout for 1 hour and it said I burned 600 calories! I'm 5' 4" and weigh 138. I'm also 13 years old. That's great, but I'm a little skeptical. It seemed too easy to burn that much. Though, after, my leg muscles were twitching and I was a little sore. Anyways, is this accurate? Is it even possible?? Thanks!
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If you had fun doing it, than who cares!  Sustainable exercise is activity that you enjoy doing.  When you attach numbers to it (calories burned, for example) it will become a disastrous, self-punishing, chore.

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