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Zumba - how many calories burned?

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I do a Zumba class tonight for 1 hour. I am usually sweating by the end of class and the songs can be challenging. So how many calories burnt in one class? I wanna say 200 - 300 but I am not really sure

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The only way to be sure is if you wear a heart rate monitor that tracks calories burned. 

A good friend of mine has been going to Zumba class daily (1 hour, like you) since last November and generally burns 600+ calories per session.  Interestingly, when she does the dvd workout at home, she burns around 400/500.  She attributes the difference to a higher workout intensity level achieved in class (better instructor, music, atmosphere, presence of others, etc.).  She wears a Bodybugg.


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Last time I went to Zumba, I wore a heart rate monitor and I burned about 550 calories in a 1 hour session!

What a fun way to workout that doesnt even feel like working out.


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