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Anyone out there doing zumba as weekly exercise?  I've been doing it for about 3 months.  I can tell my body is changing by the way my clothes fit but not seeing the scale move!

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I'll doing Zumba everyday and sometimes even twice a day. So far I lost 21 lbs and I started in the middle of January 2010. I'm also eating healthy and drink a lot of water.

I am, but also doing the CalorieCounting. Zumba just gives me an extra calorie deficit.

littlestar1985 that is great!  I do it about 3 times a week, but really just started counting calories a few weeks ago.  Hopefully I will see a loss soon! 

nebichan - how many times a week do you do zumba?

I have a watch that tells me how many calories I burn and in 60 minutes it says I burn around 1100 calories.  How many calories do you count as burn for zumba?


Wow that seems like too high a burn. I have a GoWear Fit (similar to a BodyBugg) and my rate during an hour of Zumba is around 460. You get out of it what you put into it but I come out of there sweaty and red faced so I know I'm working hard.

Hi, Not to hijack this thread or anything, but I have been thinking about doing Zumba and wanted to know do I need special shoes besides my gym shoes? Also, I weigh 149, do I need to lose a little more before I try the class?


karrinct - mine is Sportline from Target.  I really don't know how accurate it is, you enter your sex, age and weight and it calculates calories burned by your heart rate.  I come out sweaty and red faced as well lol  Maybe I'm not burning as much as I think.  Thanks for your input!

greekhoneymoon - I don't think you need to lose more before you try the class.  I weigh 165 and I do it!  As far as shoes, I suggest something with not a lot of tread on the bottom.  The smoother the shoe the easier it is to move.  Hope you try it and enjoy it - I love it!

I do Zumba around once a week.  I lift weights for my primary exercise but I like to mix up my cardio with different activities so sometimes I'll do Zumba, spinning, a walk on the treadmill, etc.  I have a Polar heart rate monitor with a chest strap, and I end up burning around 550 or 600 calories for a class.  My heart rate is around 75-85% of my theoretical max for most of the class.  So I feel like the 1100 calories burnt might be too high of an estimate, but if you are working hard the whole time I think you can safely assume 500.  I checked the activity database and running a 7 minute mile (8.6 mph) for an hour burns around 1100 calories.  I can do an hour of Zumba, but I know I couldn't run at 8.6 for even 10 minutes, let alone an hour!  So I think 1100 for an hour class is too high.

As far as a difference on the scale, I can tell you from experience that diet is going to be the biggest factor.  I was lifting weights for months, and I dropped a size, but saw no change on the scale because I was eating at maintenance calories.  I finally started to eat at a moderate deficit (about 300-400/day) and have started to see the scale move down with this change.

The other thing about Zumba is, since you are just moving around body weight, you are going to adjust to the demands of this activity and it will become easier and easier over time.  For this reason, I don't feel that it is a good form of primary exercise, because you can only make it harder to a certain degree.

greekhoneymoon, I weigh 169 lbs at 5'0" tall and I am able to do Zumba.  I wear my regular sneakers (I wear "trail" style running sneakers).  My cardio endurance is pretty crappy, but I find that the class is so fun, that I don't really notice how hard I am working until I glance at my heart rate monitor.  I was a little reluctant to try it at first because I knew I would be one of the heaviest in the class, but it felt really good to be able to keep up with the thin girls.  Just remember to breath as you would for walking or jogging; sometimes I forget because I am focused on the moves!  You can also exaggerate or diminish the movements to your ability level if it is too difficult at first.  For example, instead of a jump you can do more of a bounce, or instead of throwing your arms up you can raise them halfway.

Thanks for the input phillygirl629.  Now that the weather seems to be getting better I am going to walk daily as well as zumba.  I enjoy walking outside but cannot stand the treadmill!  I am eating around 400 calorie deficit per day, I think.  I was confused about what to set my activity level on.  I have an office job so during the day I sit at a desk, in the evenings I'm not a couch potato but I'm not go go go every evening either.  I do exercise 3 - 4 times per week so I set mine at light activity and add any extra exercise I do.  My burn is 1800 and calories are 1400.  Do you think that is a good choice or should I change my activity to sedentary and if I do anything extra add it?  Maybe my burn is lower than I think it is so I'm not seeing any movement on the scale.

I think 400 is a good deficit, but I also think this website tends to overestimate the burn.  Try going to and putting in your information and see what it tells you your burn is.  It also has an additionaly activity level setting that this website does not have that is somewhere between light and moderate activity.  Then you can subtract 400 or 500 from that number and you should get a nice deficit.  I am personally not a fan of manually adding in activity, because I tend to overestimate my own activity and I also take it as license to eat way more.  But there are plenty of people on this site who prefer to do it that way and it works for them.  You may have to experiment a little, but you are probably correct that you are not burning as much as you think IF you are accurately counting your calories and not seeing the scale go down.

For me, a female at 5'0" and 169 lbs, and "a little more active," I get around 2070 burned from phord.  From this site, I get 2220 on "moderate activity."  I tend to believe phord because it calculates my RMR as 1723.  If I add in 4 sessions of exercise at 600 calories burned each session (I verify this with my HRM), I get an average of about 2060 each day.  Very close to phord's estimate.  So I think it is more accurate.  Also, for many months I ate around 2000-2100 calories each day and lost maybe 1 pound over a period of 4 months.  Now I am eating around 1750-1800 and have started to see the scale going down slowly.  So that was also a good indicator of my maintenance level.

Thanks guys. I am going to try it! The next Zumba class at my gym is on Thursday and I am going to attend.

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Hi, Not to hijack this thread or anything, but I have been thinking about doing Zumba and wanted to know do I need special shoes besides my gym shoes? Also, I weigh 149, do I need to lose a little more before I try the class?


I've seen people double that weight do zumba - I can pretty much only zumba once or twice a week, that's when it's given at my club. The teacher said you'd burn like 400 calories an hour, which is the same as my diet journal says for aerobics.

i have been doing zumba for a year i have lost 75lbs. i 've done what they call a lifestyle change as far as my eating and exercise.

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