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Does anyone know approximately how many calories are burned during an hour long zumba class?

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I took Zumba for a couple months and it really depends on your energy level. I never really followed the instructor because it seemed too slow. I think my class was meant for more of an older age group. the class was lame, but other gyms offer better ones I'm sure.

I would burn about 500 cals a class (if I risked looking like an idiot). If I followed the pace of the instructor, it burned about 400 or so).

i just did some quick internet research and it looks like 500-800 depending of amount of effort. (per 1 hr. class)

For some reason every class I've ever taken ever, including zumba, claims to burn 500-800 calories. Even the ones that aren't that hard (like zumba). I'm pretty skeptical.

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For some reason every class I've ever taken ever, including zumba, claims to burn 500-800 calories. Even the ones that aren't that hard (like zumba). I'm pretty skeptical.

I'm skeptical about 500-800 as well. I go once a week to the gym for Zumba, and go full force into the moves.  Some segments of the class use light weights. Honestly each class will differ greatly depending on what works for the majority of the group.

If you really needed a number, I'd say roughly 200-250 calories would make more sense. 400 if you're really pushing yourself. Still a lot of fun! :)

I recently did it for the first time just last week and wore  my heart monitor. There were a few places where I paused to try to figure out the step/move, but I worked as hard as I could the rest of the time, seemingly harder than many in the class (as the fitness levels varied greatly). My HRM gave me a read out of about 350 - that was for an hour class. My guess if that I could get another 50 out of it  once I get the moves down better. I'm 5'4 and about 131 for reference, so it will go up or down a little depending on each person's stats. Overall, nowhere nearly effective from a calorie burn perspective  compared to my primary cardio (I normally run and burn over 600 cals in just under an hour.) But it was fun and a nice occasional supplement just to mix things up. 

Hi I am a Zumba instructor.. and it really depends on the instructor and how hard you push yourself.  Because Zumba instructors are allowed to mix and match the songs etc. it really varies from class to class.  There is a specific format we must follow, however, some istructors are harder at pushing the cardio portion than others.  It's very easy for a student to cheat in Zumba as well... you can move without going full out... to get a good guage on your class - use a heart rate monitor... you will be surprised at how the amount of calories you burn varies from class to class.  Hope this helps.

I'm a Zumba convert (and looks like maybe the only one here aside from the Zumba teacher?). I've been taking classes 5-6 times a week for a few months and I totally believe I am burning about 500 calories per class (I'm 5'4", 123 pounds... I was 130 when I started in November- get it?) Zumba has really helped me work my cardio because I would be one of those chicks that does not mind looking like an a@@ and I max it out on the cardio parts. HOWEVER- Zumba is not all cardio. A lot of it is isometrics- specifically moving the obliques (the squat arm thrust hip hop moves), the abs and hip flexors (some of the belly dancing work) or working on your core with shifting balance and weight- its not just jumping around like an idiot. I work hard to concentrate on what each move is SUPPOSED to be doing to my body and then really focus on doing that (instead of trying to keep my heart rate up for 55 minutes)- it can be a total body work out and truly cardio interval training set to kick a@@ music. If you just dance around like you are at a Brazillian disco you miss half of the targeted work. If you do the steps lazy (like not rotating your hips or not actually picking your feet up off the floor) you simply will not burn the calories. You get out of it what you put into it and the more you move, the more you burn.   

Calorie burn is also totally related to body weight (the smaller you are the less you burn... cruel irony!) and I think the top end of the Zumba burn estimate is more for folks with higher weight. And just for reference, I also take cardio-kickboxing, cardio-interval, muscle sculpting, and I do weight training, elliptical and treadmill work... I have exercise ADD so I switch it up a lot.

Finally, a great teacher makes all the difference in the world. (HUGE props to Denise, Susan and Mary at the West Shore YMCA in Camp Hill PA!!!) If you haven't been to a Zumba class that challenges you, I highly suggest you try another teacher because Zumba for an hour is a H#LL of a lot easier to bang out than 5 miles on a treadmill (both burn 500 calories for me in 60 minutes). Smile

I do Zumba Toning once a week for an hour, with a heart monitor which usually gives me a pretty good ball park to how much I've burned.  For me I burn between 500-700 calories (depending on how many songs we use the Zumba toning sticks and how much I push myself)

Try using Dancing General if you add in your activities, General Aerobic is just about 6oo.


Enjoy~ And keep on DaNcIng~

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I am a zumba instructor.  I generally burn about 500 calories during a class and I tend to be very high impact.  I teach the Basic Zumba.  Zumba Toning adds a different element to the class with a weight training aspect.  You may therefore burn more calories there in the 60 minutes.  Zumba Gold is a slower paced Zumba which is targeted for the beginner or the active older adult. The calories burned there generally be less.  One of my students wears a heart monitor and burns about 450-480 calories in a 60 minute class.  She tends to dance at a higher intensity as well.  Most of it depends on the intensity that you dance at, how many songs, the type of rhythms and the type of instructor. 

Zumba is a fantastic class!  Your workout depends on what you put into it.  Having said that, the instructor can really be a motivation to burn more calories.  Find an instructor that you like, one who motivates you to work harder and you will be addicted. rnt/

The reason those approximations aren't accurate is because it doesn't take into account your individual weight and activity level. This calculator I found tells me I burn about 430 a class, which added to the calories I burn walking to and from my class twice a week gives me a nice 1000-calorie drop.

Check out this link:


Unfortunately there's no calculator for the toning or aqua classes...

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