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If you've lost weight using Wii Fit...

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For those of you who have used Wii Fit and lost weight, what is your work out routine on it? How much weight did you lose and how long did it take you?


I think I want my boyfriend to get me a Wii and Wii fit for Christmas, but I just want to know if it's worth the money when we already have DDR, a treadmill and an exercise bike.


Thank you. :)

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I am hoping to get a Wii fit plus for Christmas. Also I do not have  DDR, a treadmill or an exercise bike.Frown The only good points are I would get the new Wii fit Plus with extra controler. Also I can get diffrent games & excersices so I do not get bord with one thing at any given time. There was a post that was using it to weight them self and I do not know but it may have charts to help you keep track.


Wii Fit is okay, and the Wii Fit Plus certainly adds a lot to it, but honestly on my Wii I use "My Fitness Coach" a lot more than the Wii Fit.  It doesn't use the balance board, but you can use a balance ball, an aerobic step, light weights and a heart rate monitor -- it asks you which ones you have. 

It offers a lot, but mainly I use it for the aerobics.  It's more like a DVD workout, and it keeps you moving smoothly through a workout without all the stop/start of Wii Fit.  It also keeps asking you if things are too hard or too easy, and it adjusts. 

I can't comment on the weight loss -- I've lost and gained and the Wii is just one of the things I do.  Seriously, losing pounds is 80% (or even 90%) diet -- exercise is just a way to get your body healthier and fitter, and burn a few extra calories. 

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My boyfriend bought me a Wii, but no Wii Fit. I play the sports games that the Wii comes with. It may not burn many calories, but it's a fun way to get moving. I'd say it's worth getting just because it's so easy to get burnt out doing the same old thing all the time.

We've just bought a Wii & WiiFit. It's our joint Christmas present which we decided to have early as by Christams day we'll be too tired from working & thought we'd enjoy it a bit more now.

We've had it 3 days & haven't set the WiiFit up yet (I may do later today) but even just playing the Wii Resort games it give us some extra exercise & is fun to play together.

Much better than sitting around watching TV of an evening!

I've had my WiiFit for over a year, and I love it! I find it much less boring than regular exercise DVDs because you can change up your routine and many of the exercises aren't long, but if you do them properly you can feel your muscles working.  I also love it that it's convenient, in the privacy of my own home, when *I* choose rather than having to change clothes, trek to a gym, etc.   WiiFit Plus now calculates calories burned from each exercise, so at least you know what it's supposed to be doing.  The Aerobics, obviously, will burn the most calories (I'm a huge fan of the Free Run, where you put the wii remote in your pocket, and you can switch back to regular tv or jog anywhere in the house and it will still track you).  I can do about 4 miles on a treadmill walking, but it takes me an hour, and I quickly tire and give up trying to jog on a treadmill.  With the free run, I can easily do over 4 miles in 30 minutes and it's a workout, but I enjoy it rather than hate it.  I also find the strength training and yoga helpful for toning muscles and I like the ab exercises a lot.  I have, of course, gone for long stretches where I am busy with other things and haven't used it consistently, but have just started my weight loss plan here, and have used it every day since the day after Thanksgiving.  It's fun to unlock new exercises and/or more repetitions as you get stronger.  and the balance board is also a scale that I find to be very accurate. 

Get it; you'll love it.  The Wii is my favorite gaming system ever! (I'm 33 with no children, 5'5, currently at 157 lbs, and really want to start by losing 15).  I think *any* exercise you can add in helps you toward your goal; I am very active and while I am trying hard to make healthier choices in what I eat, I am also working 3 jobs and *refuse* to starve myself.  I have always found more exercise to be the key in losing weight by finding the things I enjoy doing.  I have so little time for myself, I will not beat myself up over every morsel of food I eat; so instead, I balance it with exercise.  and when I exercise consistently, I do lose fat and build muscle....even if the number on the scale doesn't change as dramatically, I know I'm smaller because my clothes fit better.

sorry that was a ramble.  good luck!

get the wii fit for xmas. Even if you dont like the wii fit game you can always get any work out game for the wii. Most of them have the option of using the board. i love the wii fit though cause it keeps track of my weight progress and all. I do like the strength training mode too. I can keep an eye on my form better when doing lunges and push ups. I recommend it since you have alot of cardio equipment and not alot of strength training  tools.

I also have ddr and that is my fav cardio workout for at home.

I bought the Wii Fit earlier this year and while I found it 'nice' to work out with, what really helped me was Wii Active from EA Sports. Wii Fit is pretty much like walking into a gym and being all on your own to try and figure out what to do while Wii Active is more like having your own personal trainer. You can do a 30 day challenge which will work you out for 2 days and then give you a day to rest. Also, it keeps track of calories burned (though I'm not sure how accurate it is) while the Fit does not. The one thing I do like about Fit is that you can use the balance board to weigh yourself.

My vote: Get Wii Active and then get Wii Fit if you can afford it. Using both (in addition to running outside), I have lost almost 50 lbs in the last 6 months.

Thanks, very helpful! I was thinking of getting that other game also Smile

I'll still be doing other exercises, and occasionally going to a gym, but I find it to be very convenient being able to work out in my own home and it's nice having something to pay attention to.

I do all the Yoga moves (6-8 min), all the muscle workout moves (6.10 min) that I've unlocked, the jogging (3 min) and the hula hoops (6 min).

I am sweaty and breathing heavily almost throughout.

I've lost 20 lbs over the last seven weeks using only my Wii. I alternate each day between doing Wii Fit Plus and the Wii Biggest Loser.  On the Wii Fit I usually do 30 minutes of their preset routines randomly picking ones each time.  I credit the Wii Biggest Loser with most of my weight loss. It is a much more intense routine and like Wii Acitive it acts more like a personal coach, dictating my calorie intake and the level of my workouts. 

I second dnsmills vote in that if you get the Wii Fit you would benefit from also getting a more intense workout program like the Wii Active or the Wii Biggest Loser.

I lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks using the Wii Fit.  I do 50 minutes of the aerobics, mostly the boxing, advance step, and the free step. Then I do 10 minutes of the strength exercises.  I am doing this 4 to 5 days a week.  I have also reduced my portions that I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It seems to be working, I am happy with the results.  I was not doing any type of exercise before this, so this is at least getting me moving it is much better then sitting on my behind.  Plus doing it this way keeps it fun. Good luck to all of you!

Hi, I like to use my Wii fit plus mostly for the stepping, jogging, hula hoops and the boxing. In wii fit plus it does let you know the calories burned for each exercise. I use it more for a bit of fun rather than a work out as it isn't that intense. The jogging is good as i don't like to jog or run outside or on a treadmill (i'm way too self consious!) and i find the steps and boxing a bit tough as i don't have any rhythm!

I personally like the boxing on the original wii sports- that is fairly intense the more points you gain- the harder the opponents you fight.

I use it mostly for tracking weight and bmi on the chart. My boyfriend only uses it for the weighing and bmi tracking too. is a great website to help you change up your workout routines.

Just tell them that Maaul sent you.

I really like the Wii Fit.  I used to sleep in until the absolute last minute for work, but now I wake up at 5 am and do the Wii for about 45 minutes first.  It has been about 3 weeks and my balance is better and my lower body getting stronger.  My daughters, ages 7 and 10, love it!  I think I may have a runner in the future as the 7 yr old is dong the Long Distance Run.  We also use the training mode on Wii Sport - Power Throws in Bowling, Home Run Hitting for Baseball and Tennis helps loosen up my neck/shoulder muscles as I have chronic issues with that area. 

I recommend it to anyone - it is definitely worth the $$!  It is a great family activity that is lots of fun and gets the kids off the couch!!

Original Post by m3t4l:

For those of you who have used Wii Fit and lost weight, what is your work out routine on it? How much weight did you lose and how long did it take you?


I think I want my boyfriend to get me a Wii and Wii fit for Christmas, but I just want to know if it's worth the money when we already have DDR, a treadmill and an exercise bike.


Thank you. :)



Got the wii fit plus and the more active sports  and this is my second week of using it.  I do the 30 minutes workout in the morning and another 15 min. yoga and 15 min. strenghtnig exercise.  I'm trying to get in a habit of doing it everyday so far so good.

I've had the Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. The new version is a great improvement.

Some thoughts:

Aerobics are not typically a cardio workout level. All movement is good, though, so I still give it kudos.  You CAN get your heartrate up on some of the longer activities, like cycling at longer times.

The strength training must be approached with great caution.  If you do something wrong, you CAN injure yourself (learned this myself trying to do a plank.) I suggest you actually get a friend who knows these moves to work with you the first time or two.

The Yoga gives a good stretch.

My favorite though, are the balance and coordination activities.  Especially for us over-50 folk, balance needs to be practiced to improve, or even maintain.  While not so useful for weight loss, they are very good for general health.

I would not hesitate to recommend the system.  I truly enjoy the Wii and Wii Fit Plus is one of a few big favorites.

Do plan on having other fitness options in addition.   Have fun!!


Original Post by maaul: is a great website to help you change up your workout routines.

Just tell them that Maaul sent you.

Hi, I just went to that site and it wasn't working. Got some error message about domain nam or something.

I got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas.  I have been using calorie count since September with NO exercise.  I have worked my way up the to 30 minute run or long step every morning and every evening I do some balance exercises and hoola hoop for 10 minutes.  Since starting with the exercise, I can't say it has helped with weight loss, but I was very pleasantly surprised that I lost a total of 7 inches!  Unfortunately, much of it was the twins, but my waist went down 2.5 also. 

Good luck with yours.

Original Post by maaul: is a great website to help you change up your workout routines.

Just tell them that Maaul sent you.

Ok- the actual site is


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