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I usually do power yoga every other day but before I used to do it everyday. Is that alright or do my muscles need the break?
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Hmm..what does power yoga consist of?
it's yoga but a lot faster with harder poses and stretches. And you constantly go from one pose straight into the other.
Yes!  Yoga is designed to practice every day!  Just pay very close attention to your energy level, as trying to push too hard when you are fatigued is an invitation for injury.  Don't do that, it gives power yoga a bad name!  ;-)  If you find yourself tired, just do a more relaxed sequence, maybe spend some extra time in meditation or doing breathing exercises.
I end up doing Child's pose for 50 out of 60 minutes I am doing it right?
Ha ha ... as long as you're doing it!  ;-)
I'm not a yoga expert at all, but I've done a bunch of reading and have about every yoga DVD known to man. lysistrata what do you think of the Bryan Kest series (sorry if I have asked you this before)? It's HARD

I've been looking at the Brian Kest series as well - any reviews would be interesting.

I've also heard good things about a DVD by Shiva Rea (sp?) that has a lot of customization features.  If anyone has feedback on that one, I'd love to hear it.

Power Yoga is awesome!Smile

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I LOVE Brian Kest. I have his DVD, and while I don't have the six months background that reviewers on Amazon suggested...I love it. Yes, it's hard, but as long as you've done some yoga and know how to make the harder poses easier until you can do the full pose, you're ok. I think he's fantastic, I love his style and approach. It is definitely hard though.
Bryan Kest's DVD was really intense at first.  And despite what some say about Kest's hair or clothes or voice, he is really calming and peaceful.  I love that he encourages listening to your own limits.  I ignore the fact that all of the student are extremely thin, but they show the various modifications for the poses.  Really great DVD!

Shiva Rae's Yoga Shakti is also a good one if you have some yoga experience.  All the poses are given in their Sanskrit name which can make it hard to follow along at first, but it's a good way to learn the Sanskrit names!  4 unique work-outs plus the option to customize your work-out.  It's flowing practice but at times is a little too fast for me.  Rae isn't chatty and the the background music/scenery are chill.

Also, a lot of people really like Rodney Yee so maybe check him out too!
I haven't tried Bryan Kest's routine, although I've read some things that he's written and like them.  Generally I don't use DVDs, I just work through different parts of the primary series.  Sometimes I'll use them to work through the whole series, and then it's David Swenson's.  There is also an ashtanga instructor named Adi Amar on who occasionally goes through the primary series, and I really enjoy her classes.  Sounds like I should give Bryan Kest a try.
 My mother does her yoga every single day. Even, if she's away from home she has it memorized so she can do the moves whereever she happens to be. Every so often she may miss a day, and she'll get so upset. It's not even a ' job ' to her anymore. She says it helps her relieve stress built up throughout the day.

I hope you have the same success.

I envy her because she's so bendy. ( I tried to do her yoga routine with her once, but it was just impossible. I'm not that bendy. Made me feel like a loser. Lol )

I'm trying to get into winsor pilates myself, in hopes of building my  core/flexiblity.
I teach yoga, and have a personal daily practice, but I would not recommend doing strenous power yoga every day for the same reasons you wouldn't want to lift weights every day -- your muscles do need a break to facilitate recovery and strength gains.  Try doing the power yoga 3-4 times per week and if you enjoy the mental and other physical benefits of a regular yoga practice, simply do either a restorative or meditative practice on the days you don't do power yoga.

There are numerous benefits to all kinds of yoga.  You may find that you enjoy the "break" a less strenuous practice will bring a few times each week.  In addition, power yoga is great for building strength and stamina, but you don't really get the opportunity to explore the poses deeply since you are flowing so quickly from one to the next.  Taking time to really explore a posture from every angle will greatly improve your experience.

If you are not familiar with restorative practice, use of props to deepen a posture, breathing techniques and meditation techniques, I recommend working with a teacher to expand your knowledge and then taking it on your own.  You never know -- you just might love it :).

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