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Yoga Booty Ballet?

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It looks fun, i was just wondering if anyone has tried it? how dose it work for you?
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I was interested too but I don't like buying things unless I hear good results from others. It does look fun though.
Try it from Netflix or Blockbuster before you buy it.  I have YBB hip hop ab routine and love it.  They are really upbeat and positive. 
I got it 2 months ago and I love it!  It is very upbeat and positive, also an awesome workout!  I highly recommend it!
I never thought to rent workout videos! What a great Idea! I'm going today!
I just bought YBB at Walmart, the complete package, for $20! (on clearance)  I have done Slin in 6 by Beachbody and saw great results now I am in need of someting new to start.  After I completed SI6 a month or so ago I began Billy Blanks TaeBo but now I am pregnant and need something a little toned down.  I think this sounds like what I might be looking for.  I have not started it yet.  Let me know when you begin, we can motivate each other! 
Congrats on the new addition! Are you excited! Remember, to eat healthy still! My friend is 9 months pregnant and she developed "pregnant diabetes" (It has a real name but I don't know it) cause she ate to many sweets and stuff earlier in the pregnancy. Now she can't eat ANY sweets and some other stuff. And she has a 50/50 chance of having diabetes after the pregnancy :(

*Edit* I didn't want to scare you. After rading it again, It's sounds kinda scarey but it's not as bad as I made it out to be. I was just trying to say eat healthy. You can eat sweets too. she would just sit down and eat a whole cake in one sitting a couple times a week. You can see how thats not heathy. But regular servings of sweets won't hurt.

Where did you buy the slim in 6 at?
The condition you're referring to is gestational diabetes.  Nothing serious, and as soon as the baby is born it will go away.  The long-term ramification is, tho, that late in life you may have a very mild form of diabetes.

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my first child, didn't have it with my 2nd, am almost 60 years old and have normal sugar levels.

Don't fret, eat well, take care of that little baby before it is born, and all will work out well.

Good luck

P.S., I'm a retired R.N.

Thats good to hear! Especially from an RN. I wonder why the doc told her she will have a 50/50 chance of still having it? Mabey to get her to stop eating so much cake! LOL

Oh and how weird is this...MY mom just came home with...Yoga Booty Ballet! I'm about to do it now!
I just thought of this, I did see YBB at Kohl's this wekend.  Didn't look at the price though.  I know that Target also has it (39.99, I think).  I so far like all of Beachbody's products.  Another great place to buy them is on Ebay.  I got Turbo Jam there and I love it too :). 

Alydaven-congrats on the baby... How exciting!!!
thanks for the info! I think i'll ask my fiancee to get it for my B-day.

I had GD too my midfwife was all worried because we didn't find outuntill i had lost 25lbs! The baby and I are fine now though, and I gain all that weight back (UGH!)
I just did my new YBB, and it's not what I thought... It's not by Beachbody's at all! It was spelled diff. and had a very feminine man hosting it in a pink room!

My mom got it at a yard sale and It didn't have a cover so I was expecting the real thing till I popped it in. It seemed like an OK workout but it was really CORNY! I followed it with Tae-Bow, Now that was a good work out and I felt the burn in my hips.
I actually was visiting my sister in Tacoma last week when I saw the box in the clearance aisle.  I bought one and so did my sister.  For $20 I thought it would be a great investment considering a while back I watched the infomercial and almost put up the $65 plus to buy it then.

This is our third little bundle of joy and I plan on having a fit pregnancy as the others were more relaxed.. okay more lazy pregnancies.  I gained about 40-45 lbs with each prior and hope to gain a healthy 25 this time around.  I am conditioned to continue with a daily routine so I figured I could use this series to my advantage... oh and did I mention my husband and I are going to Punta Cana in about a month and a half...  needless to say no drinking!  But still going to have a blast and still sporting a bikini!  So I need to keep my body in check! 

I am looking at Monday for a target date to start.  I am recovering from flying on a red eye from Seattle with a 3 year old and a 1 year old... all by myself!  I prepared myself for the worst but my kids were great!  I am sooo tired!  I work third shift and start back tonight... ugh. 

Okay so who is with me?  Monday?? 
In response to the person who originated this thread...

I have YBB and actually I would never recommend it to anyone who is advanced in working out. I find it is simply not enough cardio for me and it is a little too easy but now someone who has been out of the practice of working out might actually enjoy it. It is fun and you will burn calories because you'll be moving but will it really get your heart rate up high enough for it to do much in the way of fat loss? Probably not if you already workout regularly. Anyways hope that helps.
I started the series today...  I am following the workout plan in the pamphlet included in the box.  Today was pretty basic, not quite what I had expected!  But I am keeping at it!  Caberet tomorrow!

I did the caberet portion of the series yesterday!  Yippy!

I am not sure if I am up to the fat burner today though.  I am tired!  I dont feel like doing much of anything other than laying on the couch! 
I have it, don't love it.  I do not like Hip Hop Abs, but Carbaret is okay and the Advanced workout is okay too.
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